Sibling love?

“Come downstairs for dinner.” She worded it wrong, she knew as soon as she said it. It had been a long day and she was extremely tired. Food was later than normal and she had shouted up the stairs to her daughter.

To the parent finding it difficult

Whether you are in the middle of a fight for education or support, looking after a child that is self harming or suicidal or struggling in your relationship because you dont get time for each other. Or for any other reason. This message is for all the parents out there finding it tough

To the parent who is finding it difficult…

Many years later, when my marriage fell apart and I was left trying to piece back together two small childrens hearts, a good friend told me something which has got me through life ever since:

In every negative is a positive, you just have to find it! 

Backwards Parenting

Instead of telling our PDAers what to do, we let them think they are in charge, they are less anxious this way. 

Instead of surprises we do plans. 

Instead of making sure our SPD children get a balanced diet, we make sure they eat.

Instead of subjecting our children to a day of stress, sometimes we keep them home and that’s ok.

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