A quick guide to Menorca

Menorca, a popular holiday destination, is a small Spanish island near to Ibiza and Majorca and probably the least spoilt of the three. Other than spending time in one of the many all inclusive hotels or holiday apartments, here is our guide of things to do when holidaying in Menorca:

Mahón, Menorca

The town of Mahon is the new capitol city of Menorca. It is situated in the East of the island and contains the main airport.

8 Great beaches to visit in Menorca

Menorca is an island with many beautiful beaches and coves. There are sandy beaches with gently shelving entry to the sea, perfect for kids. There are warm turquoise waters that invite you in as soon as you see them. There are coves which reward your effort of walking or sailing to them with their peace and great snorkelling.

Cales Coves, Menorca

Cales Coves is one of my favourite places to visit in Menorca.
The Calas Coves are ancient burial caves that have been carved into the rocks. The caves date all the way back to the pre-talaiotic period and they can be seen all around the coves. The area was also used by the Romans as the first harbour in Menorca. This was because of how sheltered the coves are from the sea and land.

Punta Prima Beach, Menorca

With a lot of car parking nearby, the pretty little beach at Punta Prima has a lovely lot of white sand and clear blue, warm sea. There are sunbeds to hire and strange ice cream cone shaped ashtrays with lids to borrow. There are also public toilets available

Binibéquer Nou beach, Menorca

This lovely beach of white sand can be found in the South East of the island of Menorca. You can drive to the beach and park nearby to the wheelchair and pushchair friendly paths leading down to the sand.

Menorca Zoo (Lloc de Menorca)

Menorca zoo is not like other zoos. It was set up as a family business to be a sanctuary for animals in need. The zoo takes in abandoned animals, pets that families get rid of, animals which have been used for testing, animals from rescue centers across Europe and animals rescued from illegal trafficking or mistreatment in circuses. The zoo aims to give these animals a second chance of life.

Son Bou Beach, Menorca

Son Bou has a very long sweeping beach of sand, perfect for sunbathing and making sandcastles. The sea is clear, blue and lovely and warm.

Cala en Porter, Menorca

The sea is great for snorkelling and stronger swimmers will enjoy snorkelling along the rocks at the right of the beach, discovering little caves and lots of fish. Beware of sea urchins though, the little dark purple balls of spikes will certainly let you know if you touch them!