Adina Apartment Hotel Berlin Mitte, Berlin, Germany

We were lucky to find a last minute escape to Berlin for the Easter weekend. I booked flights and hotel the day before we went so had limited choice on hotels. However I couldn’t have been more pleased with the one I picked.

Our visit to The Disneyland Hotel, Paris

We were actually taken aback as we entered the huge lobby! The large, spotless reception area, with its giant chandelier, sweeping staircase, subtle disney themes and sofas, larger than my living room, was like stepping straight into a fairy tale castle!

Holiday Inn, Stevenage, UK

for a hotel where we paid more to get four star service, we were not impressed with the room or TV size, the lack of wifi, level of customer service dealing with issues, or the cleanliness of the bathroom. We have stayed in less expensive four star hotels and definitely better three star hotels.

The Pearl Hotel, Peterborough, UK with room service from the Tavan Moroccan and Turkish Restaurant.

I can honestly say that the meal was the best room service meal I have ever been served and £20 well spent!

The Wishing Well Hotel and Restaurant, Selby, UK

Would I stay at The Wishing Well Hotel again? Probably not, it’s not worth the £49 I paid to sleep in all my clothes. Would I eat there again? Not in a million years, even if you paid me! 

Falcon Hotel, Paddington, London

London is massive and there are a lot of hotels to choose from. My kids won’t share a bed so that ruled out most the chain hotels and I was on a budget. So after an hour browsing the last minute booking sites online I decided on a hotel very close to Paddington station called Falcon Hotel. 

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