Tribe DIY at home experience

I was so impressed with this online experience. Obviously the theatre company has a lot of experience in providing shows for autistic children and a lot of thought has gone into how the show can be adapted for home use. It is done extremely well -any sensory seeker would love it!

The prisoner like locking up of autistic people and PDAers needs to stop!

The statistics are shocking. Sky news have revealed that at least 40 people with a profound learning disability or autism have died while admitted to “barbaric” secure hospitals the government has promised to close since 2015. 9 of these were under 35! The number of children held in these places has doubled since 2015. Doubled.

Autism awareness leggings?

I saw an advert today for leggings to raise awareness of autism! The leggings were patterned with multi coloured jigsaw pieces. By wearing these leggings I am told by the advert I am raising awareness of autism. For the bargain price of $54.89 I can have the privilege of wearing to the gym something that my daughter would have loved when she was five.

Why I am not lighting it up blue for Autism Awareness Month, choosing instead to continually promote autism acceptance.

April is widely known as Autism Awareness Month. All over social media we see well meaning people adding blue ¬†frames to their pictures with the words “light it up blue for autism”. Smiling and not smiling faces of autistic children are plastered all over my facebook newsfeed with well meaning parents showing the world their autistic children for “awareness”.

10 ideas for an autism friendly, all inclusive school playground.

The school playground, especially if its a large school, can be a daunting and scary place for autistic children. There is a lot going on, a lot of noise, a lot of people and this can all be anxiety provoking and confusing.
Here are ten great ideas schools could try to help make playtime more bearable for autistic children and those with Sensory Processing Disorder.