A video explaining how anxiety feels to an autistic child

This video was made to try and raise understanding of what anxiety can feel like for an autistic child. It is based on the beginning of my post about anxiety in autistic children.

Ten ways of creating an autism friendly, all inclusive classroom

In a school classroom, mainstream or otherwise, you will find a wide mix of children, all with differing sensory needs. Some may be sensory seekers and others sensory avoiders. Their learning styles and abilities will also vary. So is there a way of decreasing anxiety and making a classroom inclusive for all these children without making anyone feel singled out? Here are ten brilliant ideas to try:

Anxiety in autistic children and children with Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD)

Your anxiety has been building all morning but this is the point where you really start to panic. Your heart is racing, your muscles tense, you start to sweat  and your stomach starts to hurt! 

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