UK shipping Visual Memory Charm Bracelet for ADHD


Please email me at with the same name and email you use for your order stating which 6 charms you need and any preferred colours. You may pick any charm even if it is not shown.


Designed for those with ADHD or anyone else that needs daily reminders, this charm bracelet is made to order and comes with 6 customisable clip on charms and sticky hooks.

Wear the bracelet every day. Keep the charms on hooks around your house and clip them to your bracelet for a visual reminder.

Always leave the washing in the washing machine? Hang a washing machine charm on the washing machine. When you put the washing in, take the charm and clip it to your wrist – now you will be carrying a visual reminder to take out the washing.

Always forget if you have taken your medication? Hang a medication charm where you keep your pills. When you take them clip the charm to your bracelet to remind you that you have taken it.

If you would rather, use it as a visual to-do list. Clip all the charms to your bracelet in the morning and remove them when you do the things.

As the charms are totally customisable, you can choose how best to use your charms and bracelet to help you.

When ordering please message which charms you need and any colour preferences. Extra charms can be ordered separately.

The bracelet has the added bonus of working as a fidget toy.

This product is not a toy. Charms are handmade and contain small parts.

As shipping is included in the price, please choose this product for shipping within the UK. If you want shipping to another country please choose the relevant product. There may be some delay as I hand make all charm bracelets to order. As charms are handmade there may be variations to the pictures.