Keeping autistic teenagers safe online

Whilst there is a danger with all teens, autistic teens seem to be particularly at risk. Some struggle greatly making friends in person and find it easier to chat online and some struggle with social skills. Some may not understand the chats so are more vulnerable than their peers.
A lot of autistic teenagers take things literally and can believe what they are told. This could be very dangerous as a stranger telling a child they are their friend and the same age as them could be taken as fact.

Helping autistic children cope with school at the end of the academic year

Its nearly the end of term and things are winding down for Summer. Work is getting less and fun is getting more. Children are more excited, louder. Special days are arranged such as non uniform days, sports days, fun days, school plays, school trips and summer fairs. It’s been sunny so everyone has to wear sun cream and bring hats to wear at playtime. There are short visits to new classrooms to meet new teachers and promises of all things different in September.

The Amba Hotel Marble Arch, London

Just over the road from Hyde Park and within very easy walking distance from Marble Arch Underground station, and Marble Arch itself, is the Amba Hotel Marble Arch. We were to stay here for two nights because of the amazing generosity of the hotel, who donate rooms for the charity Room to Rewards, who reward hidden heros with hotel stays. The stay was my prize for Autism Kids On Tour winning the BAPs Awards in the category “Best practical support for families”.

On the other side of the door.

I listened, from the other side of the door. Leave him they said, he will be fine. We will deal with him. You go home.”

Go home they said. I was to go home with feelings of being helplessly pushed out of my child’s life at a time when he needed me most, the same feelings as every day.

10 top tips for safeguarding autistic children on days out

On trips out there is always the possibility of a child wandering off or becoming lost. When you have autistic children they may not be able to communicate with strangers that they are lost. They may not be able to learn how to find a safe person. They may be prone to running if they are upset or scared. All of these things can be concerning to parents when taking their child out for the day. Here are our ten top tips for safeguarding autistic children on days out.

Give away time!

Autism Kids On Tour is hosting its very first give away! You could be the winner of some great Autism Kids On Tour prizes! All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is visit our facebook page and like or comment on the give away picture!

The Gelato Festival, London

The gelato festival is an ongoing competition between gelato (ice cream) makers around the world. The festival travels to different countries where judges and members of the public vote for their favourite ice cream, the best being put to the final.

Celebrating Eid Al-Fitr with autistic children

For autistic children Eid Al-Fitr can be an overwhelming time. Autistic children are even sometimes excluded from celebrations in case of meltdown or embarrassing behaviour.

Here are some ideas to help your autistic child celebrate Eid Al-Fitr.

The Black Country Living Museum, Dudley, UK

Walking into this museum was like taking a step back in time. We cautiously walked up to a small house near the entrance, having heard that you could look in the buildings. One of the kids tried the front door, it didn’t open. We sneaked round the back, unsure if this was an exhibit or actually someone’s house and we were trespassing in their garden.