The LEGO Disney train and station

Everyone that reads my blog will know that we LOVE Disney. We visit Disney World in Florida at least once a year and we also love driving down to Paris to get our Disney fix whenever we can get a good deal. So you can probably guess we are missing it right now

Teen Calm Subscription box review

Teen Calm is a subscription box for teenagers aimed at showing them they are not alone. The box is aimed at encouraging self-care, lifting spirits and building confidence, and the box we were sent did exactly that.

Unfortunate changes to my blog

I don’t normally give in to bullies or teach my children to, but I have been made aware of this childs background and it is clear to me that he is simply not capable of fully understanding either the implications of what he has done, nor the reason behind the content in my articles. This child has made life very difficult for me and I don’t want to further fuel his hate campaign.

For this reason I have had to make some difficult decisions.

How Airbnb ruined our Christmas

Please be very careful if using Air bnb. If you try to book accommodation and get a message telling you their system is down and the booking didn’t go through so please try again – DONT TRY AGAIN! Wait to see if you pay for the failed booking first. If they tell you it is “just a hold on your card” and it wont go out of your bank, don’t believe them.  Getting money refunded that they have taken in error is like trying to get water from a stone. As I write this post, I STILL DON’T HAVE MY MONEY! 

Topgolf Orlando

We had great fun playing the interactive golf games and you could easily spend half a day or an evening playing and eating or drinking. What I especially liked was that you could still score points even if you couldn’t hit the ball particularly far, this means it is also great for kids or people like me!

The Great Escape Room Orlando

If you are going to do any escape room with your autistic child, choose this one! Samantha is brilliant. She has much experience working with autistic children and knows how to handle anything that might come up. She explains clearly and gives enough thoughtful help to stop frustration. She is also more than capable of dealing with meltdowns or any other situation that may arise. When you book you can request that Samantha be supervising your room and they will arrange a time with you that she can be in the room with you.

Tiosebon knitted sneakers review

Apart from being a great fit, easy to slip on to my feet and really comfortable, the shoes are super light and great looking too! I tested my shoes out in various locations and scenarios.

Legoland Discovery Centre Manchester

I was pleased to see how much thought has gone into welcoming autistic guests to the Legoland Discovery Centre, especially taking into account so many autistic children love lego!