Lunch at The Plaza Gardens Restaurant at Disneyland Paris

My very favourite had to be the special 25th anniversary chocolate dessert topped with an aesthetically pleasing dark chocolate star, which finished it off perfectly!


Young Cheng Buffet, London, UK

I did feel a little amused by the lady who came in after us and left as quickly as she arrived when she realised she would need to sit next to us! 

The Wishing Well Hotel and Restaurant, Selby, UK

Would I stay at The Wishing Well Hotel again? Probably not, it’s not worth the £49 I paid to sleep in all my clothes. Would I eat there again? Not in a million years, even if you paid me! 

Breakfast at The Head of Steam, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Breakfast came not long after and I have just finished eating mine. It was generally very nice and not at all greasy which is a good thing. However I did ask for my poached eggs to be well cooked and not runny and they came runny.

Aneesa’s Buffet Restaurant, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Most the dishes were keeping warm in covered containers and all the curry dishes were delicious. There was a good range of vegetarian dishes too and I especially liked the lentil soup, the daal and the spinach curry. 

Propaganda, Bury, UK

We love America so to make up for the fact we werent there, and to celebrate my birthday, we paid a visit to Propaganda. Propaganda is an American Diner in Bury, UK. 

Breakfast at Bill’s, Manchester, UK

The avocado on toast was amazing. The ingredients tasted fresh and came exactly as requested. I don’t like my poached eggs runny, they made them exactly as I asked. The avocado was perfectly ripe and the toast delicious.

Bella Italia, Church Street, Blackpool

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food considering Bella Italia is a chain restaurant and the staff were all very friendly. We really enjoyed our meals and my son even had enough pizza leftover to take home for his tea! 

The Medieval Banquet, London, UK

Throughout the meal we were entertained by various acts. There were singers, jesters, jugglers, dancers, acrobats and live medieval music. The acts moved around so you could always see and you got to see everything.