Babysitters are worth their weight in gold but is going out worth it?

My kids then decide to start world war three between them. I end up splitting them up and making my daughter (the war instigator) move to the furthest possible room in the house, so my son, who by this time is trying to punch right through the wall next to his bed, can have time to calm down. 

The dreaded “H” word! Why is homework a problem for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and how I solved the problem for my son!

Five minutes before you leave you get an email from your boss telling you they need you to stay behind for an hour because there is more work that just needs finishing that day. I expect you aren’t overly enthusiastic about the idea, no one would be!

For a child who has struggled through school all day, that hour of homework you are asking them to do feels just like that!

What is special about my house?

Fast forward another year and I walked into the kitchen to see my eleven year old stood with the one sharp knife to my daughter’s head. Needless to say we now have no knives in the house. I either buy pre cut vegetables or use a blunt butter knife!

When school is that hard that your child doesn’t want to be alive!

I was sat in a small room at my sons school. His teacher was talking to me about his classwork but I wasn’t listening. I couldn’t hear what she was saying anymore. The first words she said were echoing through my head, taking over my thoughts. “quite depressed at school” “googling the best way to kill himself” 

Superheros dont need capes!

To the parent of the child struggling at school right now, please know you are not alone. When your phone rings saying “school” and your heart sinks to your stomach please know others know what you are going through

Persistent absentee!

I found an email the other day. It was my reply to a letter from the school attendance officer informing me that my child was a persistent absentee and if his attendance didn’t improve I would be fined. I expect the letter I was sent was a copy that automatically went out to anyone with…

High School Update

I havent posted about my sons new school since this post. Here is a quick up date on how its going for anyone that is interested. So last week my son came home with this: This certificate is given at the end of four weeks of good behaviour and even better it came with a £5…