Tribe DIY at home experience

I was so impressed with this online experience. Obviously the theatre company has a lot of experience in providing shows for autistic children and a lot of thought has gone into how the show can be adapted for home use. It is done extremely well -any sensory seeker would love it!

The LEGO Disney train and station

Everyone that reads my blog will know that we LOVE Disney. We visit Disney World in Florida at least once a year and we also love driving down to Paris to get our Disney fix whenever we can get a good deal. So you can probably guess we are missing it right now

Teen Calm Subscription box review

Teen Calm is a subscription box for teenagers aimed at showing them they are not alone. The box is aimed at encouraging self-care, lifting spirits and building confidence, and the box we were sent did exactly that.

Tiosebon knitted sneakers review

Apart from being a great fit, easy to slip on to my feet and really comfortable, the shoes are super light and great looking too! I tested my shoes out in various locations and scenarios.

We try out Mini Earthlings kits

Mini Earthlings make kits for families to make their own skincare at home. The kits are designed to be educational and creative, whilst also being kind and respectful to the environment.

The concept of these kits appealed to me, and I thought they would be good to try out with my kids

An up to date guide to travelling from England’s main airports with autistic passengers!

Those of us who have flown with autistic children know how much it helps if the airport has measures in place to help. Those who haven’t flown yet may feel reassured knowing what help is out there. There is conflicting advice with out of date viral posts on social media making it more confusing so I have researched current advice and help available. Here is a quick guide to travelling from each of the main airports, the help they have in place and how to access that help:

We review the Early Years Fun Subscription box!

We recently bought the Early Years Fun Subscription box to have a look at. I was really interested in this box because whilst it is aimed at 2-5 year olds it also says on the website that the box is suitable for children with special needs working at this age.

5 reasons you might want a bum bag (fanny pack)!

The bum bag in my pictures was gifted to me to try out by I chose the pineapple design because I thought it was really fun, but there are many to choose from on their website. A bum bag is a useful tool for parents of autistic children. Here are 5 great reasons why you might want one too!

We review the Super Chefs Subscription Box

When my son and I sat down to unbox the Super Chefs box, we were so impressed. The box itself was a simple, white but professional box with “Super Chefs” on the top. Inside the lid of the box was a personalised welcome explaining the theme of the box. The contents were wrapped in bright red tissue paper.