Our unusual journey home

I was told we could have one seat upgraded to upper class for either me or my friend and my daughter could move to the spare extra legroom seat and be sat with everyone else. So, as the man left the plane, here started the question of who was going to sit with three potentially very difficult children all night and who was going to be wined and dined in upper class!

Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Florida

We had such a good afternoon looking round the aquarium. I was so impressed with the work they do, rescuing and taking in marine animals, treating and caring for them, rehabilitating those they can into the wild and housing and caring for marine life which cant be released.

Nascar I-Drive, Orlando, Florida

We had a good turn at the Go-Karts, which can go up to 45 miles an hour and believe me, that feels really fast as you are zooming towards a tight corner, close to the ground.