Ten Great Star Wars themed activities at Season of the Force, Disneyland Paris!

Last weekend’s visit to Disneyland Paris just happened to coincide with Season of The Force. This is the perfect time for any Star Wars fan to visit the Disneyland parks and I took some very big Star Wars fans with me! 

Our visit to The Disneyland Hotel, Paris

We were actually taken aback as we entered the huge lobby! The large, spotless reception area, with its giant chandelier, sweeping staircase, subtle disney themes and sofas, larger than my living room, was like stepping straight into a fairy tale castle!

It’s A Small World, Disneyland Paris

The ride itself is a story book like, colourful journey through the world. As you round each corner you find your eyes feasting on impressive vibrant scenes from different countries. There are cute dolls dancing and singing in costumes to match where they are and singing the theme tune in their native language.

Three great Disney Park chill out rides!

Sometimes, even with a disability pass the Disney parks and rides can get hot and crowded. Here is my roundup of three great rides which will appeal to children that like transport, cool you off and provide some chill out time!

T-Rex, Disney Springs, Orlando

We had expected to wait for a table because we turned up without booking and it was fairly busy in the waiting area but we were given a ticket and told our table would be ready in 15 minutes. We ran to the Disney shop to find a dog toy and got back to the…

The Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover

The Transit Authority People Mover in Tomorrowland at Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park, Orlando is not the most sought after ride but it is a ride you can almost walk onto as the queue moves so fast. It is also a great ride for views of Tomorrowland and to experience some things you wouldn’t normally get…

The Rainforest Cafe at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

We were at Disney’s Animal Kingdom to check out the new Pandora, World of Avatar rides.  so I made a reservation for the Rainforest cafe for 12 midday. There was a short queue to get the table ticket then a two minute wait to be seated. You are able to look round the large gift shop while…