The Gelato Festival, London

The gelato festival is an ongoing competition between gelato (ice cream) makers around the world. The festival travels to different countries where judges and members of the public vote for their favourite ice cream, the best being put to the final.

A visit to hospital, part two

It is 10pm and we have just arrived home from hospital. The day progressed as you would expect, with my son becoming hungrier and tired. We watched two films and played cards for a bit before he got quite tearful and generally fed up.

A visit to hospital, part one

I am writing this from a hospital room where we are based for the day. My son is in for day surgery and I am already seeing some of the potential problems with taking an autistic child to hospital for surgery so thought it may be useful to share our experience with you.

Celebrating Eid Al-Fitr with autistic children

For autistic children Eid Al-Fitr can be an overwhelming time. Autistic children are even sometimes excluded from celebrations in case of meltdown or embarrassing behaviour.

Here are some ideas to help your autistic child celebrate Eid Al-Fitr.

The Black Country Living Museum, Dudley, UK

Walking into this museum was like taking a step back in time. We cautiously walked up to a small house near the entrance, having heard that you could look in the buildings. One of the kids tried the front door, it didn’t open. We sneaked round the back, unsure if this was an exhibit or actually someone’s house and we were trespassing in their garden.

The Watch

I could see 3 teachers from where I stood on the street. Not one went to see if you were ok. Not one did a thing. You were left crying your little eyes out by the fence all alone.

Prague Zoo, Czech Republic

On our last day in Prague we decided to go to the zoo. It was a Monday and this meant reduced entry for children at 50 CZK, which is around £1.85 each. Compared to the prices of zoos in the UK this was a bargain!

Pension Prague City, Prague, Czech Republic

Pension Prague City was our home for the last six days. When choosing accomodation for our trip to Prague I went for price. I ruled out hostels because of the length of time we were away and the kids and decided to book basic, cheap accomodation with the right amount of beds and a private bathroom. Pension Prague City ticked all my boxes so we booked.

The Rest and Fun Center, Prague Airport

Our flight was delayed by two hours and as most my readers will know, airports can be pretty stressful places if you are delayed with autistic children! We decided to try out the Rest and Fun Center for a couple of hours and I am so glad we did!

Prague Boats, Prague by night dinner cruise

Last night we had the fortune to go on a dinner cruise along the river in Prague. We timed the tram wrong and managed to arrive half an hour before the cruise, which turned out to be fortunate as, once we had exchanged the e-ticket for a printed ticket we were on board soon enough to be allocated a table by the edge of the boat.

Museum of Senses, Prague

This small museum, found in Prague old town, has been open for six months. We visited on a Saturday afternoon and it was a great way to pass an hour and a half.