We review the Super Chefs Subscription Box

When my son and I sat down to unbox the Super Chefs box, we were so impressed. The box itself was a simple, white but professional box with “Super Chefs” on the top. Inside the lid of the box was a personalised welcome explaining the theme of the box. The contents were wrapped in bright red tissue paper.

Inflata Nation, Manchester, UK

InflataNation is described as an inflatable theme park and it is essentially one giant bouncy castle! There is a small area for under 4’s and a huge area for everyone else.

The multi storey car park

I watch. Helpless. My baby vacantly runs with nowhere to go. Effortlessly he climbs onto the car park wall, about to leap over to…to the ground far below. Before my feet can move I open my mouth and scare myself with the sound that comes out.

Harlech Castle, Wales

We booked on Friday afternoon for a last minute break to Haven in Wales. Not knowing what was around to do, on Saturday morning we had a look online and decided on Harlech Castle

Retro Station Italian Restaurant, Orlando, Florida

I really liked the style of Retro Station, it made a refreshing change from the samey chain restaurants that we are so used to visiting in Orlando. We were surrounded by retro decoration (hence the name) and Greece was playing on the TV, giving me a chance to introduce one of my the best films from my childhood to my youngest

Our unusual journey home

I was told we could have one seat upgraded to upper class for either me or my friend and my daughter could move to the spare extra legroom seat and be sat with everyone else. So, as the man left the plane, here started the question of who was going to sit with three potentially very difficult children all night and who was going to be wined and dined in upper class!