Premier Inn, Southport, UK

Breakfast was not included in the price of the room but you could eat at the pub attached for a very reasonable price. Kids eat free too so three of us had a delicious buffet breakfast, including drinks, for £8.99.

Would we go back? Yes without a doubt!


All About Virtual Reality – a book review

The DK book All About Virtual Reality, by Jack Challoner, is made in association with CURISCOPE, a virtual reality studio. The book was published on 5th October 2017. It is priced at £9.99 and includes five amazing VR experiences, stickers and a free VR viewer. 

Falcon Hotel, Paddington, London

London is massive and there are a lot of hotels to choose from. My kids won’t share a bed so that ruled out most the chain hotels and I was on a budget. So after an hour browsing the last minute booking sites online I decided on a hotel very close to Paddington station called Falcon Hotel. 

The Medieval Banquet, London, UK

Throughout the meal we were entertained by various acts. There were singers, jesters, jugglers, dancers, acrobats and live medieval music. The acts moved around so you could always see and you got to see everything.

Kung Fu Oriental Buffet Restaurant, Southport.

The food was fresh and absolutely delicious. The buffet was kept well stocked and clean. Staff worked tirelessly in the background cleaning up, sorting out the buffet and clearing empty plates. We all had a good meal and my sons Chinese food of choice – duck pancakes, was available in abundance!

Dunes Splash World, Southport, UK

Splash World Southport isn’t as big as the larger indoor water parks in the UK but as leisure pools go it is really fun. The slides are really good and make the visit definitely worthwhile!

Babysitters are worth their weight in gold but is going out worth it?

My kids then decide to start world war three between them. I end up splitting them up and making my daughter (the war instigator) move to the furthest possible room in the house, so my son, who by this time is trying to punch right through the wall next to his bed, can have time to calm down. 

The funny things kids say!

Me- which toy do you want to take for toy day?
Him- er mum?
Him- can i take the christmas tree? Me-??!!!!

The dreaded “H” word! Why is homework a problem for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and how I solved the problem for my son!

Five minutes before you leave you get an email from your boss telling you they need you to stay behind for an hour because there is more work that just needs finishing that day. I expect you aren’t overly enthusiastic about the idea, no one would be!

For a child who has struggled through school all day, that hour of homework you are asking them to do feels just like that!

What is special about my house?

Fast forward another year and I walked into the kitchen to see my eleven year old stood with the one sharp knife to my daughter’s head. Needless to say we now have no knives in the house. I either buy pre cut vegetables or use a blunt butter knife!

The language we use when talking about Autism

Someone on Twitter pulled me up on my terminology in one of my recent posts. The terminology I had used was “a child with Autism” and “a child with PDA”.

The person who pulled me up on it  was of the opinion I should have used the terms “Autistic person” and “PDAer”. To be honest I have never heard the term PDAer, probably as I am fairly new to the concept of PDA. I also started wondering if someone with ADHD was therefore an ADHDer.