Sibling love?

“Come downstairs for dinner.” She worded it wrong, she knew as soon as she said it. It had been a long day and she was extremely tired. Food was later than normal and she had shouted up the stairs to her daughter.

To the parent finding it difficult

Whether you are in the middle of a fight for education or support, looking after a child that is self harming or suicidal or struggling in your relationship because you dont get time for each other. Or for any other reason. This message is for all the parents out there finding it tough

The Abusive Dinner Lady

She then marched over to him and pulled his hood off his head. I have no idea why she would do that, but for my overwhelmed 9 year old who didn’t want anyone to see his hair, to have his hood pulled off in front of the whole school, whilst being shouted at was just too much.

The part of our day they don’t see…

It was twenty past three. I put on my shoes and coat and set off to school to get my child. The school was only down the road so I would be in time to wait a couple of minutes in the playground.

I waited, those minutes seeming like an hour. My heart was in my stomach as usual, and I didnt know what to expect. Was he going to run to me crying, run as fast as he could away, or would this be one of the rare days he came out calmly?

The avoidable fight in the playground

The crowd of dramatic teachers spoke about how naughty he had been, he had lashed out at another child in the playground and got into a fight, he had tried to get away and climb the fence when two teachers were trying to hold on to him. They needed me to take him home.

It started with a chicken…

All day you kept my child in the corridor on his own. That day you wouldn’t help him when he couldn’t do his work. That day you called him silly and made him miss his playtime. In your head he had to try. In your head he was being naughty and refusing to work. In your head. But what about his head?

The teacher that didn’t understand.

I saw my baby in the playground so scared because there was too much going on. I saw my little boy confused and all alone. I saw him hating the noise and wanting to get away because there were too many people. I saw him find the only place he could in that busy playground, a bush where no one could get to him.