Cross Country Skiing and Sledging in Saariselka, Finland

We managed to get the skis on and after a while worked out how to stand up and then practiced moving round the practice circle. We found it harder than expected but soon got the hang of it and decided it was time to try the proper track.


An amazing day trip with Northern Lights Riders near Ivalo, Finland

We spent over seven hours with Janne on an action packed, exciting adventure of a day and we loved every minute. We all agreed that this was one of the best adventures we have ever had. Janne put every effort into providing us with a tailor made and brilliant day. He had all the time in the world for us and put his all into helping us enjoy our trip.

Forenom Hostel Vantaa Aviapolis, near Helsinki airport, Finland

I have never been brave enough to stay in a hostel with the kids before but we were faced with an eight hour layover overnight in Helsinki last night. The prospect of missing an entire nights sleep and spending the night in an airport with tired, overstimulated children wasn’t very appealing

The BAPS Awards 2018

At the beginning of this week, I found out that Autism Kids On Tour has got through to the finals of the BAPS Awards

5 free (lower stress), non park activities around Disney World

There is so much to do at Disney World without even entering the parks and if your child has had enough of crowded theme parks then it is good to have a few other ideas to fall back on. Here is our round up of our favourite free or cheap ways to spend a few hours in the evening while we are at Disney!

Half way down the diagnosis pathway

This morning she doesn’t feel like she is travelling a pathway. She feels like she is sat in the middle of it drinking a cup of tea, in the calm before the storm!

10 ways to survive school holidays with an Autistic child!

School holidays can be extremely stressful for families with autistic children! Children with autism spectrum disorders, although they may hate school, often thrive on routine and not going to school for a week means that they are out of routine. We have had some school holiday disasters over the years! There are some things you can do to make the holidays less stressful. Here are ten great ideas:

Ten ways of creating an autism friendly, all inclusive classroom

In a school classroom, mainstream or otherwise, you will find a wide mix of children, all with differing sensory needs. Some may be sensory seekers and others sensory avoiders. Their learning styles and abilities will also vary. So is there a way of decreasing anxiety and making a classroom inclusive for all these children without making anyone feel singled out? Here are ten brilliant ideas to try: