Jungle Parc, Santa Ponsa, Majorca

Jungle Parc is a treetop adventure centre in Santa Ponsa, Majorca. It has three adventures to choose from – the Piratas circuit is for children of 4 years and above and two circuits for older children and adults – Explorador and Extremo. We tried out the Explorador course. We were guests of Jungle Parc for this adventure, all opinions are our own and we were really impressed.

jungle parc majorca. picture from jungle parc majorca of the check in desk and small shop.

On arrival, we checked in at the wooden hut. We could see the activities in the trees behind and were immediately hit with how big and varied Jungle Parc was compared to other tree top adventures we have done. As we waited our turn, I watched someone above my head ride a bike along a narrow platform between two trees and a child soar past me riding a shark. It was at this moment I realised that Jungle Parc was a treetop adventure park with an original twist. 

jungle parc majorca. picture from jungle parc majorca of the seating area
jungle parc majorca. picture from jungle parc majorca of the harness storage area

When it was our turn, we were helped into safety harnesses and then taken over to a briefing and training course. We were shown exactly how to work the harness clips and pulley and which to use for different obstacles. We were then able to use the practice course which was an assortment of obstacles but close to the ground. Staff were there to talk people through how to use everything and give reminders if needed. Once the staff were happy we knew what we were doing, we were directed to the beginning of our course. 

jungle parc majorca. picture from jungle parc majorca of a boy wearing a harness
jungle parc majorca. picture from jungle parc majorca of the instructor giving a safety talk

The Explorador course was brilliant. There were times where the path split and we could choose if we wanted to follow the “black” more challenging path or the “red” easier path. These splits would be for brief periods and then meet back on the main path, meaning when I chickened out of the more difficult activities, my kids could still do them and we would be back together again very quickly. 

jungle parc majorca. picture from jungle parc majorca of a boy standing on a platform in the trees between two treetop obstacles

At times it felt very high, I’m not great with heights and even though I knew I was safely attached to a harness I still had a little fear, especially on some of the obstacles we haven’t done before. There was always a member of staff on the ground within sight though and they were great at encouraging me to keep going and talking us through anything we were unsure of.

jungle parc majorca. picture from jungle parc majorca of a boy on a zip wire through the trees

One obstacle I’ve not seen before on a tree top adventure was the swing. On this you attach your harness to the top of a wooden swing, sit on it and zoom across a zip wire. There were more than one of these along the course. I was terrified of the first one but it was amazing fun and became one of my favourite obstacles. 

jungle parc majorca. picture from jungle parc majorca of a boy stepping across tree top abstacles wearing a harness

At one point the boys took the black route and ended up on a skateboard through the trees. My son actually fell off it but was obviously fine because of his harness and a staff member talked him through getting back on. He wasn’t scared though – more amused.

jungle parc majorca. picture from jungle parc majorca of a boy riding a bike between the trees attached to a harness.

Near the end of the course, we reached the obstacle everyone wanted to try – riding a bike through the trees! The bike was obviously harnessed to the course and attached to a wire above. We had to attach our harness to the bike and then ride it across a narrow wobbly wooden walkway to the tree opposite. This was the most original thing I have seen on a tree top course – who else can say they have done that! 

The courses at jungle parc majorca. picture from jungle parc majorca.

The whole course took us over an hour and was very varied and fun. I was so impressed with Jungle Parc from the safety aspect right through to the originality of the obstacles and zip wires and theming of the courses. It is different to every other tree top course and I would definitely recommend a visit if you are ever in Majorca.

jungle parc majorca. picture from jungle parc majorca.  tree top obstacles with zip wire

Jungle Parc is located at Avenida Jaime I, 40 A 07180 Sta. Ponsa, Mallorca. The phone number is 0034 630948295 and the email is mallorca@jungleparc.es

The Explorador course is for anyone  aged 9 and over with a minimum height of 1m35. The Extremo course is for those age 12 and over with a minimum height requirement of 1m50 and the Piratas course is for those age 4-12 with a minimum height requirement of 1m05. For the Explorador and Extremo courses under 11’s must be accompanied by an adult on the course. Under 16’s must have an adult present at the park. Unless you are taking a group, you don’t need to book and can just turn up and pay on the day.

jungle parc majorca - picture from jungle parc majorca of a bike ride between the trees.

Taking an autistic child to Jungle Parc?

There is a small bar selling soft drinks and ice creams.

There are outdoor tables and benches.

Picnics are not allowed.

There is a toilet.

The car park is accessible from the park with no gate.

Staff are patient and will talk you through how to use equipment in detail during the brief. They were very patient with one of our party who kept forgetting what to do next and took time to make sure he was ok with it all before he started the main course.

You can (and should) take part with your child on the Explorador course, so you can help them if necessary as you go round the course.

The Pirates course is lower and easier. It is split into different smaller courses with different ability levels. Whilst adults can’t go on it, they can walk round and talk their child through the obstacles. 

The nature of the clips makes the experience safe. Only one clip can be opened at once and you have to unlock and lock them yourself. This means you are attached by at least one clip at all times. 

You need to be able to follow safety instructions such as where to hold and where not to put your hands when doing zip wires. 

You need to be physically able to access the obstacles.

The harness can be uncomfortable and on zip wires it can dig into your legs a little. 

There is no loud music. The park is in a quiet area and numbers are limited on the courses for safety so it never feels crowded. 

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