Horse riding with Rancho Ses Roches, Majorca

Ranchos ses roches in majorca

Animals are great and we always try to get something animal related into our itinerary. If that can be horse riding then that’s definitely a bonus because horse riding is great fun and  allows you a different perspective of a place than if you were in a car. We headed to Ranchos Ses Roches in Majorca for one of their horse treks.

Horses at ranchos ses roches in majorca

Rancho Ses Roches offered 3 horse treks a day whilst we were in Majorca, 2 hour long treks in the morning and a longer two hour trek in the afternoon. We opted for the first trek of the day and made the right decision as it was sunny when we set off and just started to rain as we got back.

Ranchos ses roches

When we arrived at Rancho Ses Roches their mini bus had just pulled up so there was a bit of a queue to check in and get helmets etc. This wasn’t an issue though, I headed to the queue and the others went to talk to the parrot at the back of the shop. When I got to the front of the queue, the lady knew who we were so she told me we could go and look at the animals in their small petting zoo while they sorted the rest of the group’s helmets and then we could go and get ours when the shop was empty. This was really helpful.

Small petting zoo at ranchos ses roches in majorca

Inside the shop you can buy animal feed for the farm, get fitted for a riding helmet and use the toilet. We were each given a helmet and then directed to the area in front of the shop to wait for our horses. In this area there was seating and a childrens play area. 

Childrens play area at ranchos ses roches in majorca

The horses were led out as it was the first ride of the day, for the ride after us they were already out waiting. We were asked if we had ridden before and then each given a horse and helped to mount. 

Boy mounted on horse at ranchos ses roches, majorca

When everyone was ready, we set off. We were at the front, led by a very enthusiastic and friendly member of staff. There were other members of staff all the way down the line of horses and helping different groups of people. As we set off around the ranch, we each had our photo taken. These photos were available to purchase at the end of our ride, printed and mounted on a souvenir card. 

Boy riding a horse out of ranchos ses roches in majorca

We were led around a path which ran alongside the road away from the ranch and into the woods. There were a couple of tricky slopes to navigate at the beginning and end of the loop, but the instructor told us exactly how to lean and took it slowly at these points.

Boy riding a horse through wooded path

The trek route was scenic and fun. The instructor was friendly and chatty and also gave us tips of other places to visit whilst on the island which we appreciated. 

The guide leading a horse trek from ranchos ses roches in majorca

We had a great ride, each horse had its own personality which weirdly suited our own and caused great entertainment as we rode. The ride itself was just the right length to enable us to have a good time but still be able to walk for the rest of the day!

Two people riding horses on a ranchos ses roches horse trail in majorca

When we got back to the ranch, we were helped off our horses and then we took our helmets back to the shop to be cleaned for the next guests. We were given the opportunity to buy our photos and then told we could look around the small petting zoo.

A goat in the small petting zoo at ranchos ses roches in Majorca

Rancho ses Roches offers guided treks throughout the year. They also offer pony rides for smaller children around the paddock and a small petting zoo. If you are taking 2-5 year olds on a horse trek, they are able to share your horse and only pay €10.

A horse at ranchos ses roches, majorca

Rancho Ses Roches can be found at Av. de França. 07400 Alcúdia, Mallorca. They can be contacted at (0034) 971 89 28 09 or found online. I found them great to book with and they took a deposit payment through a link sent by whatsapp which was easy to do. 

Small petting zoo at ranchos ses roches

Taking an autistic child to Rancho Ses Roches? 

When you contact Rancho Ses Roches to book, make sure you make them aware that you are bringing an autistic guest and how much support they will need. They are able to employ an extra member of staff for your ride to lead your childs horse if necessary and help them around the trek. 

As they were aware before we arrived, it was easy to avoid being in the shop when it was crowded as they directed us to look at the animals until it was quiet and we were the only people in the shop getting our helmets. 

They put us at the front of the trek so we weren’t in the middle of everyone.

There is a small petting zoo with animals such as goats which you can feed.

There is a play park on site.

There are toilets available in the shop.

You can hire a pony for younger children to be led around the paddock. 

Rancho Ses Roches is on a small side road which didn’t seem busy. It had a car park which is located right by the shop and entrance to the petting zoo. 

Staff spoke good English and gave clear instructions.

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