Finnebrogue Woods, Northern Ireland

A sign on the woodland trails at finnebrogue woods

We had the absolute pleasure of being guests of Finnebrogue Woods in Northern Ireland. All opinions in this post are my own and I couldn’t have been more impressed. Finnebrogue Woods is a magical family estate in Northern Ireland with a mission “to create a sustainable business that will serve the needs of our customers, employees and family for future generations; all the while preserving our natural surroundings” which they are achieving in amazing ways!

The shop at finnebrogue woods
The shop at finnebrogue woods

On offer is a gorgeous woodland wedding venue, farm shop, take away, amazing cafe called Fodder, woodland trails and a variety of personally tailored experiences and courses. Throughout our time exploring the site we were all reminded of our trips to lapland and the Finns relaxed outdoor way of living.

Bushcraft at finnebrogue woods

Beef, for the cafe and farm shop, comes from cows reared on their own farm and, with very few exceptions, anything provided on site is either from the site or sourced from local small businesses. 

A dexter beef burger from fodder cafe at finnebrogue woods

We were shown around by the lovely Patricia. She showed us the woodland site used for bushcraft courses. I absolutely loved this area. It reminded me of the forest school my kids used to attend, yet way more exciting. With the exception of some tree tents, everything was amazingly made from scratch by Rob – an ex marine who runs the bushcraft  woodworking and foraging courses at the site. It was like stepping into a real life Swiss Family Robinson scene and perfectly showcased the expertise of Rob even before even taking part in any courses or workshops.

The bushcraft area in finnebrogue woods

Bespoke courses are personally tailored to the groups taking part and are aimed at any age or ability. Rob will adapt his plans as he goes along to cater for individuals on the courses and they are kept small and personal. 

The bushcraft area at finnebrogue woods

Finnebrogue woods do a lot of work with local mental health groups and autistic children, catering courses specifically to their needs. With the courses being very small and personal this is ideal as staff are able to adapt as they go along to meet the needs of the people taking part.

The bushcraft area at finnebrogue woods

We were shown another lovely site used for cooking courses, events and parties. This marquee had plenty of tables and chairs, space for a fire in the middle and the option to lower the open marquee sides on cosy winter nights or keep them open to experience the outdoors. 

The marquee event and course menu at  finnebrogue woods

At this site was an impressive outdoor kitchen complete with Brai, spit roast and smoking oven. This area gives the opportunity for outdoor cooking courses with chef Dan, in beautiful woodland surroundings, and also catered events. The foraging courses can also be combined with cooking courses. 

The brai at the outdoor kitchen in finnebrogue woods
The marquee at finnebrogue woods

We were given the opportunity to explore the woodland trails behind Fodder Cafe. This beautiful 1km trail is for the use of customers of Fodder cafe and farm shop and leads through the woods and by the lake.

The lake at finnebrogue woods

Along the gentle route there are benches to sit and relax and activities for children to discover and explore. The entrance is within the Fodder Cafe area and the trail loops round and comes out next to the cafe in the car park. 

A den in finnebrogue woods
A rope swing on the woodland trails at finnebrogue woods
The lake on the woodland trails at finnebrogue woods

After we had explored the picturesque trail, we enjoyed a visit to the Fodder cafe. We loved our visit to the cafe so much that I have written a completely separate post about it, which you can find here.

With the charm of a small company and the professionalism of a larger one, I loved the ethos of Finnebrogue Woods. Striving to keep everything sustainable and personal, it’s no wonder they are becoming so popular amongst locals and tourists alike. 

Welcome to bushcraft and wildcooking finnebrogue woods sign

Visiting Finnebrogue woods with an autistic child?

This place is friendly and relaxed and set in an outdoor setting. From the laid back cafe to the peaceful woodland trails, we enjoyed everything about our visit.

The bushcraft and other courses can be adapted for any audience and staff are very good at gauging their audience and adapting things as they go along. This brilliant skill makes the courses at Finnebrogue woods suitable for anyone. Courses are also kept small and personal.

There is an obvious need for supervision as there is in any outdoor setting. The car park opens to the cafe area. There is a lake in the woodland. The woodland trails clearly go through woods. The cafe is in an open sided tipi with tables inside and outside.

Take away is available if you dont think your child will manage the cafe but we found it to be an easy and stress free experience. Please see my post about Fodder cafe for more information about taking an autistic guest.

Fnnebrogue Woods, with pictures of fodder cafe, finnebrogue woods and the bushcraft area.
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  1. Very beautiful view. It is relaxing and really helps to keep your mind at peace. My family will definitely enjoy it.Thank you for this wonderful sharing.

  2. This place looks lovely. Happy to know that it’s friendly and relaxed. I am interested to learn more about their bushcraft and other courses.

  3. Love these amazing photos! Surely my niece with autism disorder would love these places you share and wish to be there too. 🙂

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