The LEGO Disney train and station

We were gifted the LEGO Disney train and station set in exchange for this review. All opinions are our own. 

Everyone that reads my blog will know that we LOVE Disney. We visit Disney World in Florida at least once a year and we also love driving down to Paris to get our Disney fix whenever we can get a good deal. So you can probably guess we are missing it right now, which is why I was really excited when I discovered a giant cardboard box in my porch with “LEGO” written on it and then jump around the room excited when I opened the box to discover the LEGO Disney train and station inside! 

First impressions were that it was a really big box! It is very obviously Disney too. We quickly opened it and discovered what 2925 pieces of lego actually looked like! 

The set came with four instruction books and fortunately the bricks were stored in convenient smaller bags for every stage of building, making it a lot easier to find what we needed. 

You get five LEGO disney characters with this set and one thing I liked was the fact that the character builds were spread throughout the set so every now and again we discovered a new one. 

Following the instructions in order, the train set was the first thing to build. We built a detailed engine that ended up inside the train. I absolutely loved how detailed the train was, even down to the parts you can’t see. 

Each part of the train was detailed and also, from riding Disney trains in the parks, very realistic. There was a beautiful locomotive with a tender, a fun passenger car with a lift up roof so you can put characters inside, a luxurious parlour car and an oval track.

The parlour car is really detailed inside, which again you can’t see whilst the train is working unless you remove a side panel. The interior of this carriage is great and I really liked the tiny tea set.

Once the train set was built we were able to use Disney magic and bring it to life. Technically we used the LEGO Powered Up app but it was still magical. Using the mobile app, we were able to turn on Disney music, sound the horn, ring the bell and make the train move forwards and backwards round the track. The train goes surprisingly fast. There is enough track with this set to make an oval but if you want the train to go further you can buy extra track pieces to extend it. 

It was then time to set to work building the station. This was again a detailed building and I love the fact it resembles so well the station buildings at the Disney parks. From the beautiful traditional exterior to the delicate and fiddly to put together railings, this LEGO set screams Disney at you. 

The station building is open backed so you can see and play with the interior. There is a detailed ticket desk, seating areas, model Disney trains, swinging chandelier and even a tiny umbrella stand with removable umbrellas. The doors all open as do some of the detailed windows. There is even a tiny LEGO Disney castle set in the attic room.

The LEGO Disney train and station is age rated 12+. It is great for Adult Disney or train fans, older children and teens and also has the play benefit for younger children. The characters are adorable and the station and train are incredibly true to life. We really enjoyed building this lego set and also making the train go using the phone app and it now makes a great interactive Disney display item too. The whole thing took us two days to build with a few breaks in between so it’s a great boredom buster if you are stuck in the house like us. 

I am now very tempted to save up for the LEGO Disney Castle set to go with it!

The LEGO Disney train and station for autistic children?

A lot of autistic children and adults like LEGO, Disney and/or trains so this set ticks all the boxes.

If your child is into LEGO this is a brilliant set! It is large and takes time but comes with clear instructions that are easy to follow and individually numbered bags of bricks making it easy to find what you need. 

My son built most of this set by himself with very little help needed. 

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