We try out Mini Earthlings kits

Mini Earthlings make kits for families to make their own skincare at home. The kits are designed to be educational and creative, whilst also being kind and respectful to the environment.

The concept of these kits appealed to me, and I thought they would be good to try out with my kids considering they sounded great for my son, being a sensory activity and something we could do together, and would also appeal to my daughter who is into her cosmetics and likes the idea of making her own. So back at the beginning of this year I ordered two kits from Mini Earthlings, their January kit, which was sent for free in exchange for this review, and their February kit. We didn’t get round to doing the kits until more recently as we ended up taking a couple of last minute breaks to the States but we have finally made our products so I can tell you about them.

Each kit came with all the ingredients to make the product and everything was weighed out for us already so all we had to do was follow the instructions, which were also provided.

The box smelled really nice when we opened it and I was pleasantly surprised by the ingredients provided, some of which I had never heard of before.

My daughter and I started with the January kit, which was to make a body scrub. We had fun doing this activity together. The activity involved melting and mixing ingredients and we made a very generous portion of body scrub which will keep us going for quite some time!

Next my son and I made the scented accessories, which was the February kit. This was a longer activity than the body scrub and involved mixing, heating, and manipulating ingredients, which we then coloured and moulded into beads, before adding fragranced oils and making them into necklaces.

Both kits were great. I liked the fact they used natural ingredients and that nothing was wasted as it was all pre-measured. The kits would appeal to many ages. My daughter, 14, liked being able to make her own body scrub and, as you can vary the amount of help given, the activities would also be suitable for families with much younger children.

These kits would also be great for sensory seekers as they provide a great all round sensory experience with different smells, things to mix and manipulate etc. The scented accessories were especially good for my son to make. As the kits use a lot of essential oils, it can also be a calming experience.

You can watch our experience of the Mini Earthlings kits in this video:

The kits are available as a monthly subscription and also to buy as one off kits as gifts from the Mini Earthlings website. They are priced at £15 a month with slightly cheaper upfront subscriptions also available. The website tells you what will be in upcoming kits and kits are suitable for families and adults too.

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