The Medieval Times dinner and tournament, Baltimore

Our evening meal today was as exciting as a meal can be, in fact you could say we had a great knight (and yes I did spell that wrong on purpose!) For tonight we headed to Baltimore and stepped back in time to an era of knights, jousting and horses. We were guests of the Medieval Times for this experience. All opinions are most definitely our own.

We arrived at the Medieval Times Baltimore Castle and checked in outside. Here we were given our VIP Royalty lanyards and tickets. We entered the Medieval Times and were each handed a black and white stripy crown before having our photo taken.

Inside the entrance is a large bar area with tables and chairs and a few stalls selling souvenirs. It was almost time for the show so we made our way to the door to be seated.

Inside the main room was a large, sandy floored arena with a castle balcony at one end. Around the edge of the arena were the audience seats in coloured sections. We were seated in the front row of the black and white section. Here we found our white flags to wave and our medieval style plates and tankards. Our friendly server, dressed in medieval costume, came to explain to us that as we were now back in the Medieval times, we had to eat with our fingers.

Throughout the evening, and as the show was going on, we were served with our meal. The food was very good. For starters there was garlic bread and soup. This was followed by 1/2 a chicken, corn on the cob and potato. The main was delicious, the chicken juicy and the corn swimming in butter. There was a vegetarian option available if required. Dessert was a slice of cake and coffee. Included drinks, of which we were given two each, were Pepsi or Lemonade. At the end of our meal our server brought round wipes and told us they were “Medieval wipes wrapped in Medieval plastic and made in Medieval China” which made me laugh!

As we were eating, a Medieval show was going on in front of our eyes. Each coloured seating area corresponded to a coloured knight to cheer for. Ours was the black and white knight. On the castle balcony the queen sat and a mixture of dressage with impressive horses doing tricks, horseback games and jousting as the knights competed against each other. There was even a display of falconry.

It was easy to imagine we were back in the Medieval times of Kings and Queens and Knights and horses as we waved our flags and cheered for our knight.

Towards the end of the evening there was a jousting competition which led to entertaining sword fights as each knight tried to win overall. Our black and white knight did really well but lost in the end to the red and yellow knight (Booooo). I liked the fact that no one died and “injured” knights were helped up and to walk off.

The winning knight got to choose a member of the audience to be the queen of beauty and love and she was presented with a special sash. Then we had the opportunity to cheer for our knight again during the finale.

We had great fun at the Medieval Times. The show was brilliant and the food was plentiful and very good. We will definitely be back (and on the winning team) next time we are in the area!

Taking an autistic child to the Medieval Times?

Those with the Royalty package didn’t have to queue for as long to get in.

To avoid walking into the crowded room at the beginning I would suggest arriving just before the start time.

Seating is in rows so there may be a need to sit next to a stranger.

Although you are in an audience, the rows of seats aren’t too close together and the height levels mean it is easy to see wherever you are sat and also not to feel too much like you are in the middle of a crowd.

It is noisy. There is a lot of cheering etc. I would suggest taking ear defenders if you sometimes wear them.

There are a lot of animals in the show!

If you need to visit the rest room at the end I would leave into the shopping mall and use the restrooms there as they are much less busy.

The hat is optional.

This particular castle is located in a shopping mall. The entrance is inside even though the castle can be seen from the outside so trying to park near to the entrance to the mall where you can see the castle is better than parking in the part of the car park that looks like it is for the castle.

The Medieval Times have castles in various locations. This particular castle was in the Arundel Mall in Baltimore.

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