Dolphin and Caves trip with Dream Wave, Albufeira, Portugal

I was given a 15% discount in exchange for this review but all opinions are our own.

Having booked and paid a deposit the day before, we arrived at the marina half an hour before our trip time. It’s a good job we did as we had been told to take card to pay and when we got there the coffee shop had been unknowingly closed for the day with the card machine inside. For the next twenty minutes I walked to 5 different ATM machines before finding one that wasn’t out of order. This may be something to bear in mind if booking a trip and taking cash incase might be an idea.

The staff were all friendly enough and when we had sorted out payment it was nearly time to board the boat.

The boat had bench seats on top and life jackets were provided for children. As we boarded we were told where to sit and families and groups were kept together. We were then given the opportunity to have our photos taken which were available printed at the end of the trip for €10.

It was time to set off and we left the marina slowly then as we came out into the sea, the boat went really fast, crashing through the waves out to sea! This bit was really fun and the waves made our tummies go as we rode over them, sea spraying those of us at the edge of the boat. Jackets were available on board for anyone cold or getting wet. There was also a toilet if needed and if used, the boat slowed a little.

After a while of crashing through the waves at full speed we hadn’t seen any dolphins so set off to the coast to explore the caves.

The boat drove into some of the larger caves and along the coast to look at the unusual rock formations. We went into the famous cave of Benagil with its hole above and saw the “submarine rock”. The algarve coastline is amazingly beautiful with its golden cliffs, caves, pretty little beaches and turquoise waters.

We then picked up speed again for the ride back along the coast and twisted and turned back into the marina. We didn’t see and dolphins but they are wild creatures and we knew this wasn’t guaranteed before we booked the trip. We did, however, have loads of fun zooming through the waves and exploring the caves and coastline.

The workers on the boat were very friendly and briefly explained where we were at times. If you get sea sick however, this may not be the trip for you!

You can watch our adventure on the Vlog here:

Taking an autistic child on a Dolphin and caves trip with Dream Wave, Albufeira, Portugal?

My son, strangely, fell asleep about ten minutes into the trip! I think it all got a bit too much excitement and he said “wake me up at the caves” and shut down.

There are no seat belts but life jackets are available for children and you can sit next to your child. You must remain seated when the boat is going fast.

Trips are around 2 hours long.

There is a toilet provided.

There is no food and drink on board so take your own if you think you will need it.

The engine is quite noisy.

Dream Wave Algarve can be found at Albufeira Marina and contacted at

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    1. I’d not been to the algarve before, some of the coastline is lovely!

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