Park Aventura, Albufeira, Portugal

Today we visited Park Aventura in Albufeira. The thing I like about treetop treks are that they are outside, physical and fun for most ages so make the perfect family activity that everyone will enjoy whilst also getting some exercise (much needed when you are at an all inclusive resort right after Christmas!)The prices at Park Aventura vary depending on the level of course that you choose to do so I was told we could pay at the end when we had all finished rather than commit to a certain course before hand. We were helped into our harnesses and taken down to the training area. There are two types of harnesses, one that you click onto the wire yourself (necessary for the harder courses) and one that is easier for younger children or adults who just want to be permanently attached to the course.We were shown how to clip ourselves to the wires and use the equipment safely and then once we got the hang of it we tried out using the equipment on a few practice obstacles. Once the instructors were confident we were able to do it we were shown to the proper courses. We had a choice to start with between a very easy, low course or a slightly harder and higher easy course. We went with the second option and set off to the start. We then had loads of fun navigating through the trees on various obstacles. Some involved balancing, some climbing and some zooming between the trees on zip wires. It was great fun. We did a harder, longer course next which had quite a few zip wires which I personally like best! At times it felt quite high up but we felt safe because of the harnesses. The instructors were around to keep an eye on us and help when needed. For me this was when I got stuck in the middle of a zip line with a camera in my hand! We had a lot of fun climbing between the trees for about two hours. We could of stayed longer and done more of the courses but after two hours we were all exhausted! There was a professional photographer at the site taking pictures of us all the way round and also giving us tips when needed. The photos were great and I was able to purchase all of them at the end. These were sent to me via email that evening. We ended up with over 50 photo’s which are a great reminder of our day and some of them are the ones you will see on this post.
You can also watch our tree top adventure in this vlog:

Watch our fun on this vlog!

Taking an autistic child to the tree top treks at Park Aventura?The staff were patient and friendly.
Instructions were clear and detailed.The instructors made sure everyone was able to use the equipment before they started.The venue is very safety conscious and the equipment is safe, you are unable to fall once attached and unable to unattach until you get to the end.You are able to go with your child to help and instruct them.It is possible to be abseiled down from the course if you find you cant finish it and need rescuing!There are a range of courses to choose from that vary in difficulty, height and length. The courses are in a woodland area which is fenced. There is an entrance to the car park which is off a road.From the car park you walk down a track to enter the venue with no cars. There weren’t too many people when we visited and were enough courses that we didn’t find ourselves having to queue or wait for obstacles.There is the option of using the easier harness that doesn’t require you to physically move your clips and attach yourself to zip wires. Park Aventura is located in Albufeira, Portugal. The park has a variety of tree top courses and also offers paintball for those that would rather keep their feet on the ground. I was given a discount in exchange for this review. All opinions are our own and we spent a great afternoon here!Thank you for taking the time to read this post. If you would like to read more then feel free to follow my blog or like my Facebook page which I keep up to date with new posts as they are written. You can also find me on Twitter @KidsOnTour1 and now on Youtube – subscribe to my channel for upcoming videos!

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