5 reasons you might want a bum bag (fanny pack)!

The bum bag or fanny pack, as our American friends call them, is a great tool. Its something I won’t go on holiday without. I use mine to keep my money and passports safe when I travel and to carry tickets and essentials when we are out and about. My son has one too, he keeps his sunglasses and iPhone in his sometimes, and his ear defenders and fidget cube at others. The bum bag in my pictures was gifted to us to try out by getrealfunky.com. I chose the pineapple design because I thought it was really fun, but there are many to choose from on their website. A bum bag is a useful tool for parents of autistic children. Here are 5 great reasons why you might want one too!

1. Mobile and accessible emergency sensory kit!

Yes I gave that a very long name but for those of us with sensory seekers, we have all been in a situation we could need one of these! Fill your bum bag with pots of slime, fidget cubes, stress balls and taggies for instant calming time wherever you are!

2. Emergency snacks!

If you have a child like mine you will know the importance of having a just incase snack and drink to avoid the hungry or thirsty meltdown. This would also be useful if you have a fussy eater and are going out, at least there will always be something they can eat!

3. Emergency changing kit!

Who needs a nappy bag when you have an emergency bum bag (literally!) Just big enough to fit a small pack of wipes and a nappy or spare undies and always accessible, what a great idea!

4. Favourite thing carrier!

This is a great bag for those kids that have a pile of very important things that they just can’t go anywhere without! Keep them all together and attached to the child by putting them in a bum bag!

5. Mobile first aid kit!

From magic plasters to medication, it is wise to have everything to hand when out and about. Having the bag attached to you means no little hands can get in unnoticed too!

What would you put in your bum bag? Let us know in the comments!

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