Treetop Adventure Golf

We were guests of Treetop Adventure Golf for this adventure. All opinions are very much our own.
Treetop Adventure Golf have two sites, one in Manchester and one in Cardiff. We visited the Manchester one on Saturday morning. It is situated in the Printworks and accessed from outside, opposite the Arndale center.

Treetop Adventure Golf’s theming hit us from the moment we entered from the street to the lobby where we got in the lift to go upstairs. When we were upstairs it was surprisingly big. We headed over to the reception desk where friendly staff gave us suitably sized clubs, colourful balls and a score card before we put our coats and bags in the lockers (£1). Everything from the lockers to the toilets was themed really well and it was like stepping into another place.

At the beginning was a large area with a cafe serving food and drinks, a bar, the reception desk, lockers and toilets.

Beyond this were the two 18 hole mini golf courses. We chose to do the Tropical trail first.

The Tropical trail was jungle themed and fun. The holes were more difficult than they looked and we found ourselves navigating our balls through tree roots and sneaky hills and dips, with the occasional mini bunker.

With jungle noises in the background and interactive surprises meeting us at every turn, it was a good course to play. There was even a river and waterfall running through the course to add to the theming. We especially liked the cheeky talking birds and the characters appearing and and making jokes as our ball passed by.

After the 18 holes there was a bonus 19th hole which was the same for both courses and if you manage to hit your ball into the middle you get a free game of golf. This hole ate our balls so we got some more and a new scorecard, and headed on over to the Ancient Explorer course.

The interaction on this course started as we walked through the arch to the first hole and tribal type music greeted us. This course had Aztec buildings and obstacles, big gold statues in ancient temples and a creaky tunnel to walk through.

It blended in to the Tropical trail in the middle, with the clever use of the same river and vegetation throughout.

The Ancient Explorer course had all the same fun of interactive holes and joking characters. One hole told me “great shot you remind me of a young tiger in the woods”. There were a lot of Tiger Woods themed puns throughout the two courses!

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Treetop Adventure Golf and will definitely return, maybe next time we will also eat in the themed cafe. It is a great family activity and you can spend as long as you like there with the option of one or two games and eating.

Taking an autistic child to Treetop Adventure Golf?

The Cardiff site runs quiet sessions, without the music and strobe lighting on the last Sunday of every month from 9am-11am. These would be ideal sessions to attend.

There isn’t any strobe lighting in Manchester.

We visited the Manchester site at 10.30 on a Saturday morning and it wasn’t too busy. There were other visitors but with two courses of 18 holes we didn’t ever have to queue for holes.

There were jungle noises, music and characters talking so if you aren’t visiting a quiet session and your child wears ear defenders for noise then I would take them with you.

Water features were fenced off so wandering or inquisitive children couldn’t fall in.

The lights are fairly dim, especially on the actual courses. There are no windows for natural light.

To exit the building in Manchester you need to go down a lift into the lobby and out a door onto the street. There is a car park and street parking nearby, but you need to walk to get there.

My son really enjoyed Treetop Adventure Golf.

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