We review the Super Chefs Subscription Box

We were sent a Super chefs subscription box in exchange for a review, all opinions are our own.

Super Chefs is a monthly subscription box aimed at 5-12 year olds. Each month there are three recipes, secret ingredients and a badge to iron onto the Super Chefs apron which can be bought separately. You also get craft activities and a piece of baking equipment to collect and build up your baking kit. Each box is based around a theme, the one we opened was Bees.

When my son and I sat down to unbox the Super Chefs box, we were so impressed. The box itself was a simple, white but professional box with “Super Chefs” on the top. Inside the lid of the box was a personalised welcome explaining the theme of the box. The contents were wrapped in bright red tissue paper.

The thing that struck me most as we opened the tissue paper to reveal the contents was the amount of things in the box. For the price of £17.99 a month, I found this box to be great value for money.

We found three laminated recipe cards, with the ingredients and a picture on one side and the method printed on the back.

For each recipe there was also a shopping list with colour pictures of the products needed and boxes next to them to tick.

The recipes in our box involved honey and two different types of honey were included in the box.

There were also some activity sheets with colouring and puzzles to do. My daughter had a nosey through the box and ran off with one of the colouring sheets. My son enjoyed doing the word search and mazes whilst waiting for his cake to cool when making one of the recipes.

I was impressed by the craft activities in the box. As it is a cooking box I was surprised how well put together the craft activities were. Everything we needed was provided except a pen and my little friend was kept occupied for quite some time making a cute little bee finger puppet and a beehive picture.

The badge that came with the box to sew on the apron was very good quality and had a bee on it to go with the theme. I really love the idea of collecting badges on your apron as a reminder of the boxes you have completed as well as an achievement. It’s such a cute idea.

I also love the idea of collecting equipment to build up a kit month by month for baking and cooking. The measuring spoons we received were good quality and colourfully child friendly.

We tried out two of the recipes this weekend. My son really liked the idea of the mug cake so we tried that one first. We probably should have picked a bigger mug to use but the cake was actually easy to make and delicious. You can watch us trying out this recipe and see how it turned out here:

A link to the you tube video where we try out the crafts and a recipe from the super chefs subscription box
We also tried making the honey chicken and noodles. I was impressed by this recipe because it was easy, healthy and delicious. The whole family ate it for tea, giving my son a huge sense of achievement.

We really enjoyed trying out the Super Chefs subscription box. It was packed with lots of things to do and is a great idea for kids of all ages. You can watch us unboxing the Super Chefs subscription box on our YouTube channel here:

A link to the you tube video where we unbox the super chefs subscription box
Super Chefs subscription box for autistic children?

This is a great box for autistic children as it is a box you can do with your child, meaning they can join in as much as they are able.

The shopping lists are a great addition which may help autistic children to cope with shopping for the ingredients.

The instructions in the recipe methods are easy to follow.

There are activities to do while you are waiting for things to cook, which is great for children that may struggle with the waiting.

The crafts are adaptable depending on ability and designed for you to sit and do with your child so you can provide as much support as needed.

My son really enjoyed the Super Chefs subscription box.

Pictures of the super chefs subscription box with the words
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