Virtual Hideout Manchester, Uk

The words painted on the wall say Virtual hideout manchester

Virtual hideout Manchester invited us to go and see what they were all about so we booked a family session and set off to find them.

It is worth noting that on the Sat Nav it looked very much like Virtual hideout was on a street that we just couldn’t find. We parked in the nearby car park and rang to clarify where they were. It turned out they are on a row of places, outside but upstairs of the AMC cinemas. I was given directions on the phone and we found Virtual Hideout easily.

We were welcomed at reception, a room with gaming computers and refreshments , and then taken downstairs to our room. Virtual Hideout is split into rooms, each with a VR headset and computer. Our room had two.

A boy giving the thumbs up at virtual hideout manchester
Our host, Nif, was really friendly and explained how our session would work, showing us the equipment and explaining the rules of the first game. It was then time for the first two people to have a turn.

The host at Virtual hideout Manchester showing a boy how to play
Nif hosted the whole session, making sure everyone had a go at each game and explaining how to play in between. There were chairs to sit on while we waited for our turns or we were free to wander around and watch what the people playing were doing on the screens. It never felt like we were waiting long though.

A girl in a VR headset at Virtual hideout manchester
We played Space Pirates, Beat Saber, an archery game and then took turns to go up a lift and walk off a plank, falling to the floor. This one was funny as it really made your tummy go as if you were falling!

A boy in a VR headset at Virtual hideout manchester
My daughter then opted to do the scary game at the end which was absolutely hilarious to watch as she screamed so loudly I expect they could hear her in the cinemas across the road!

You can watch our experience on our YouTube channel here.

We had great fun at Virtual Hideout Manchester and will definitely be back! We were guests of Virtual Hideout for this experience. All opinions are our own.

A boy stood outside Virtual hideout manchester
Taking an autistic child to Virtual Hideout Manchester.

You can’t park outside so will need to walk from the car park. Virtual Hideout can be accessed through the AMC cinemas and is therefore pedestrianised.

You book sessions in advance of your visit so the building didn’t seem too busy. We visited in the evening.

We were quickly taken to our room which was private.

Games were explained in as much detail as needed and the host was on hand to help as we needed.

If you have a child who is in to gaming they will more than likely love it at Virtual Hideout. My son hasn’t stopped asking for VR at home since!

A girl in a VR headset with the words
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