Nascar I-Drive, Orlando, Florida

We were guests of Nascar I-Drive for the morning yesterday.

I was actually surprised when we got there, that I have never seen the place before considering how massive the building is and that it is just off International Drive. Nascar I-Drive initially struck me as modern, impressive and clean and we were very excited to be there.

First we had to fill in waivers in order to drive and then we headed on over to the Go-Kart track to watch the safety video. The video was really well done in the style of a sports reporter giving information to a news team. We learnt the rules and what all the flags meant and then moved into the next room.

Here we were given head socks and helmets to put on. We were helped to fasten the helmets and then taken through to the Go-Karts.

We had a good turn at the Go-Karts, which can go up to 45 miles an hour and believe me, that feels really fast as you are zooming towards a tight corner, close to the ground. The Go-Karts are electric and they have a lot of safety features. The kids ones can have the speed capped which is really useful. The seats are adjustable so you can move further from the pedals if you are taller. The Go-Karts all slow down if there is an accident or if two get too close together.

We didn’t need to worry about trying to catch people up as we raced round, because each Go-Kart is individually timed lap by lap. At the end of the race, we were given a print out each of our lap times and overall race placing.

The fun didn’t stop when we were done racing! We spent the next hour playing in the arcade. The arcade is really fun. There is a good mix of classic games like pac man and new games played on giant ipads such as crossy road and sugar crush.

There were two player games, individual games, racing games, shooting games, and physical games such as basketball and ball toss games.

We also played pool, air hockey and even a game of bowling on the bowling alley!

The games are operated by coins but also by card which can be loaded with credits and swiped to play at each game.

When we had played in the arcade for an hour, we were pretty hungry so headed over to the cafe for lunch. The cafe has windows to the Go-Kart track so you can watch the Go-Karts while you eat lunch or have a drink from the bar (no alcohol and driving obviously). We each had a cheese burger and fries.

The burgers were really good and the salad was served on the side so we could choose to put it in our burgers or not. The portions were generous and we had plenty to eat, although we left room for dessert!
There was a Hershey’s ice cream parlour which we were pretty excited about. In fact when I said we could get ice cream one of the kids said “what? This is the best day ever, Go-Karting, arcades and now ice cream!” I’ve never tried Hershey’s ice cream before, it was good!

There is a small shop where you can spend your tickets from the arcade and a Nascar shop too, selling a large variety of snap back caps and T-Shirts.

We had such a fun morning at Nascar I-Drive. We all absolutely loved it!

Taking an autistic child to Nascar I-Drive?
As all children are different it would depend on your child how much they would enjoy it.
The lights are dimmed with some bright lights.
There can be loud music, this wasn’t on when we were there.
The busiest periods are during the American summer holidays and Friday, Saturday and Sundays in term time. It is busier in the evening too. So the best time to visit is during the day Monday to Thursday.
The instructional video for the Go-Karting is good, staff will help you if you have any further questions.
The arcade is great with lots of different games to play.

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