Our visit to CiCis Pizza, International Drive, Orlando, Florida

One of our favourite places to eat in Orlando and most definitely our favourite pizza buffet ever is CiCis pizza so when we were invited to go and try out their buffet and new items we jumped at the chance.
Included in the price of the buffet you can design your own pizza and it will be made for you. To do this, you fill in a tick sheet of ingredients and hand it in at the buffet.

I was invited to go into the kitchen to watch our pizza being made. The thing that impresses me most about CiCis Pizza is the fact all their food is cooked fresh on premises, even the dough is made from scratch every day. I was shown the machine where the ingredients are mixed to make the dough and the piles of flour that goes into it!

I had a look in the walk in fridge with all the fresh ingredients and trays of that days fresh dough ready to use.

The dough was taken and put into a pressing machine to make it flat and then it is shaped by hand.

Next the dough was rolled with a spiky roller called a docker, which helps it rise evenly.

Then it was taken to have toppings put on. I was shown the various sauces and fresh toppings. Our pizza had pepperoni, cheese and pineapple.

The pizza then went through an oven on a rolling tray which cooked it perfectly by the time it came out the other end.

The pizza had barbeque sauce added and the crust was brushed with oil. The pizza was sliced and checked against the order sheet to make sure everything was right and then it was served fresh.

This is a really fun and great idea as even if you’re not keen on any of the many available pizzas, you can order anything you like as many times as you like.
We were lucky to arrive in Orlando just after CiCis pizza started doing their delicious new range of pan pizzas as part of the buffet. Again, for the pan pizzas the dough is freshly made from scratch on the premises. It is then pan fried so that it is thick and fluffy on the inside and golden on the outside. The two pan pizzas on offer when we visited were the Meat Eater Pan Pizza (pepperoni, ham, beef and sausage) and the Supreme Pan Pizza (pepperoni, beef, sausage, red onions, green peppers and mushrooms). These pizzas, loaded with toppings, are really impressive as part of a buffet and you would pay a lot more for them elsewhere.

We also tried the chicken wings. You can order them when you pay for your buffet. They do normal wings and boneless wings and they are all cooked fresh to order, in the oven, not fried. The wings were delicious, they seemed a lot healthier than fresher than wings in other places and I would definitely recommend trying them next time you visit CiCis, I certainly will be, in fact I’d choose CiCis for chicken wings over any other restaurant in Orlando.

Along with the pizzas and chicken wings, we were able to choose from a selection of fresh salad items, soup, pasta with red or cheese sauce and delicious desserts. We love CiCis desserts, especially the brownies!

We are looking forward to our next visit to CiCis pizza, when we will hopefully get to try their new baked pasta dishes.

Obviously, after visiting CiCis pizza, we always have a quick look in the arcade. Tokens are cheap and the kids love to play the child friendly games on the way out of the restaurant.

Visiting CiCis Pizza with an autistic child?

Cicis is great! They have worked with autistic children and used their opinions to make their restaurant more accessible.

The restaurant chain does not have loud background music and there is plenty of natural light.

The buffet is brilliant as it offers choice and if you can’t find anything your child will eat, they will make it for you.

We tend to go at lunch time or mid afternoon as these are quiet times. The restaurants can get a lot busier in the evenings.

It is advisable to supervise your child at the buffet.

The soup is hot.

In some of the CiCis Pizza restaurants you need to walk through the arcade to get out. However the arcades are normally not too big or expensive. The arcades seem a lot quieter and lighter than other arcades too, especially at lunch time.

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