Daytona Lagoon, Daytona, Florida

As we walked into Daytona Lagoon we found ourselves in an arcade. Above us was a high ropes course and zip wire and all around were arcade games.

We made our way across the arcade to get our tickets. We were given cards to use on the Dry Park activities and wristbands for the Wet Park. Deciding to do the Dry Park first, we headed straight for the lazer tag.
Laser tag was really fun and the playing arena was bigger than expected. We played every man for himself but you can also be on teams. The guns only work if you hold them with two hands and they stop working for ten seconds if you get shot.

After lazer tag we went on the high ropes course. Each of us were helped to put on a harness and then clipped onto the course which ran round the ceiling. There were all sorts of obstacles to navigate and a zip wire across the room. This was the kids favourite activity.

Next we made our way over to the climbing wall where we were able to climb two at a time and try to get to the top. The kids like climbing so this was a good activity.

We didn’t try the island hopper ride because it was closed for maintenance when we visited. The ride looked good but maybe for younger children. Instead we headed outside.

We decided to do the go-karts first and then the mini golf. The Go-Karts were really good. You could either drive a single Kart or if you had a license you could drive a double Kart. We got a good go and raced round and round for about ten minutes before we were called back into the pits.

The mini golf was really good too and we all enjoyed competing to try and get and get a hole in one.

After a quick break in the cafe area for a drink we headed out to the Wet Park.

Daytona Lagoon water park was really fun. We spent a few hours bobbing around in the huge wave pool, playing on the splash park and riding the various slides. The wave pool was really fun and a lot bigger than most other wave pools we have seen.

Our favourite slide was definitely the orange and blue tube slide, the kids loved it because it was “really fast”. The kids also liked the green curly slide.

We were guests of Daytona Lagoon for our visit but all opinions are our own. We had inclusive tickets to both the Dry and Wet parks but you can get one or the other, or individual tickets for the activities, meaning you can spend as much time as you like there.

Taking an autistic child to Daytona Lagoon?

The indoor part of Daytona Lagoon is inside a big arcade and therefore is quite dark with lots of flashing lights. There is loud background music so ear defenders may be advisable if your child sometimes needs them. The cafe is also located in the corner of the arcade.

The activities inside were good however instructions were either not given or were not clearly explained, so you may need to read the rules and explain them to your child.

The double Go-Karts had pretend steering wheels on the passenger side so children who aren’t able to drive their own karts can still participate. Again, the Go-Karts are loud and ear defenders may be necessary.

The queues in the water park weren’t very long when we visited. We were in the water park around 3.30pm on a Saturday.

The children’s splash area is good for children that like water but aren’t able to go on slides.

The nearest car parking for Daytona Lagoon is in a multi story car park next door. You will need to walk through the car park to get out.

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