The Escape Game Orlando – Prison Break

Last night we were locked up in prison with only an hour to escape and it was amazing fun!

We arrived at The Escape Game Orlando and checked in by signing waivers on the iPads. Whilst we were waiting for our game time we used the restrooms and had a look at the different games available. We were to be playing the Prison break room but there were also other rooms to choose from.

When it was time for us to play we were taken through a secret door into a corridor of rooms where our guide explained that we were going to be split into two groups to start with. My son and I had to go in one door and the other three went in a different door. We found ourselves in two different locked prison cells next to each other. I really liked this idea, we have played quite a lot of escape rooms and it was unusual to start like this.
From the other side of the bars, the guide introduced us to the rules and the system for getting clues (you are allowed three). He explained to us how the more complicated locks worked and told us we were going to have to work together even though we couldn’t see each other in order to escape the cells.

We watched an introductory video and then we were left alone with 60 minutes on the clock to escape from prison.

It was really fun starting in two separate cells. We couldn’t see each other but we had to work out the puzzles between us to get out. I’m not going to give away any answers in this post, you will have to visit your self to know exactly what the puzzles were but we managed to get the key and escape the cells.

We then found ourselves in a small room with a shutter door which was locked. We had to work out more puzzles, eventually managing to open the shutter door and escape up a staircase to a small service space with lots of switches and pipes, a dead body and another shutter door!

When we managed to get this door open we had to crawl through and slide down a chute to the room below. This was really funny, especially when we realised we had left something behind that we needed and had to climb back up again to get it!
This time we found ourselves in the warden’s office and we had one more door to unlock in order to escape. We managed it with 3 minutes to spare and only used up one of our clues!

This escape room was really fun and we all had a great time. The unusual start made it more challenging and the theming was very realistic. It was very cleverly made and we were given just the right amount of help.

We won stickers saying that we had managed to escape, and we won the right to buy special T-Shirts which were very reasonably priced at $10 each.

Now the kids are desperate to return and try out some of the other amazing looking rooms! We were guests of The Escape Game Orlando but all opinions are our own.
The Escape Game Orlando with an autistic child?
Obviously every child is different so the level of enjoyment they would get from the experience and how much they could take part would depend on the individual child. I wouldn’t rule it out if you think your child wouldn’t be able to join in as they could still potentially be there with you and be given small jobs, things to hold etc. However if your child is good at working things out, numbers, puzzles etc then they could really get involved. The prison break room didn’t have much you couldn’t touch. It was quiet, the lights were dimmed and it didn’t smell. Even though it is an escape room, you can open the door and exit into the corridor at any point and re-enter. Your time doesn’t stop but potentially you could take your child out the room while others carried on. Staff are on hand to help and to answer any questions. If you book, there are no queues as such but you need to arrive twenty minutes before your game so you will have to wait in the lobby. This area has bench seating and is calm. If its busy, it’s possible to sit round the corner.

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