Eating at Mythos in Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, Orlando, Florida

It was the first day of our Florida trip so we decided to splash out and break one of our Florida theme park rules – “Don’t eat in the parks!”

At Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, opposite a Mystical fountain that speaks to you and overlooking the lake, is a restaurant called Mythos.

Mythos is a little confusing in that it is Greek God themed, however the menu is not Greek serving a variety of burgers, bolognese, risotto and even pad thai there is no obvious theming to the food.

The restaurant itself is done up to look like a cave, complete with fake hole in the roof that lets light in. The tables and booths are kind of royal themed and there are giant torches around the room. The theming is good but not as good as places like The Rainforest cafe or T-Rex.

The kitchen is open so you can see the chefs cooking the food. Warm bread was brought to our table while we waited for our meals. The bread was really nice, in fact I preferred it to my meal

We chose the grilled chicken sandwich, the traditional cheeseburger and a children’s meal which was grilled chicken with cheddar mash.

The food was average and for a $14 burger, I feel like I should expect more. It wasn’t hot and I couldn’t work out if it was meant to be as it was a “sandwich” but the chips weren’t hot either and I’m sure they aren’t meant to be served lukewarm, sandwich or not.

The kids meal didn’t look particularly appetising but was healthy and also nice, especially the cheesy mash.

The cheese burger, according to my son, was nice but also not hot.

The waitress didn’t check if our meals were ok and offered us sauce but then took so long to get the sauce that we had almost finished eating when it came. She also offered us ketchup, mayo and mustard which we said yes to and then she gave us 6 pots of ketchup and 2 pots of mayo. However she redeemed herself when she provided sugar sticks for all the kids after one had one and the others didn’t!

It was an average meal that set me back $100 without starters or desserts which I suppose for theme park dining could have been worse. I’m glad we ate here because we have walked past every year and wanted to try it but I don’t think we would eat here again. We could eat three times as much with food twice as nice and half the price at Golden Corral!

Taking an autistic child to Mythos?

Surprisingly the restaurant had no background music at all.

There are big windows providing natural light.

I would book in advance. We had a three minute wait to be seated doing this.

Service isn’t particularly quick.

There is an outside area if you prefer not to eat inside.

The children’s menu is pictured below.

The restaurant is popular so it can get busy.

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A review of Mythos, a restaurant in Universals Islands of adventure, Florida
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