Splash Sur Menorca (water park)

Splash is one of the few water parks on the island of Menorca. It shares a car park with the Hotel Sur Menorca whose guests can use it at no extra cost, however it is also open to the public.

It isn’t the largest of water parks but it does have something to suit everyone. There are plenty of sun loungers, a small shop, stands selling snacks and a bar where you can purchase drinks.

For the littlest guests there are small splash parks. One of the splash parks is always open whilst the other two were closed most days we visited. The one that was always open is great for small children with its miniature pool, tiny slides and even a tiny bucket that fills up and periodically tips water onto anyone beneath.

There is a bigger splash zone for bigger children, with a bigger bucket to stand under wondering when you will get soaked. This children’s zone is themed as a pirate ship and includes small water slides. It is in the middle of a pool which isn’t too deep.

There is a slide area for even bigger (and small) children to enjoy with two mini versions of the larger slides that whizz down into a pool.

Above the children’s play areas and slides is a small lazy river with an island of sunbeds in the middle. There are plenty of sunbeds in the park however on some days we struggled to find ones that hadn’t been reserved with towels. The lazy river is fairly shallow but you can swim round or float round on one of the few rings if you can find one. The rings for the lazy river seem to be the same rings as for the large slides.

There are 6 main slides in the park, all in the same area. You will find a bowl slide, a bumpy slide, a tube slide that has a drop for the more daring, a curly slide and two slides which you ride down in rings. One of these is enclosed and the other open. It is good to note that two adults are unable to ride together down the open slide so need individual rings to ride this one. You aren’t allowed goggles or glasses on the slides either. The slides are all quite fun and the queues are never too long.

At the bottom of the park is a small pool for swimming, this pool also has a jacuzzi area to sit and relax. All the water in the water park is salt water.

The water park is not one of the largest I have ever visited and if it wasn’t for the fact that our stay at the hotel included entry to Splash, I’m not convinced I would have paid full price to visit. At €20 per adult (over 12 or over 1.5m) and €12 per child and paying for food and drinks on top of that, it could be quite an expensive day out for what you get.

Splash sur Menorca with an autistic child?

The park is small and even when it was full it didn’t seem too busy. It was quieter in the afternoons and it may be possible to find out when the holiday company trips visit to avoid those times.

There is music from the bar area.

Goggles are not allowed on the slides.

There didn’t seem to ever be very long queues on the slides.

There are stalls selling toys and snacks on either side of you as you enter the park.

If your child is bigger they may not be able to ride with you on the adventure river, however you will be able to go on the black hole with them.

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