Cales Coves, Menorca

Cales Coves is one of my favourite places to visit in Menorca.
The Calas Coves are ancient burial caves that have been carved into the rocks. The caves date all the way back to the pre-talaiotic period and they can be seen all around the coves. The area was also used by the Romans as the first harbour in Menorca. This was because of how sheltered the coves are from the sea and land.

You can’t drive to the beach at Cales Coves. Instead you have to park in a car park and walk about 20 minutes down a track. The track is gravel and obvious so it’s not too difficult a walk. About half way down the track there a signposted paths leading to some of the caves which you are free to explore at your own risk.

Those that choose to carry on down the track towards the sea will be rewarded with beautiful turquoise, calm waters surrounded by cliffs of caves from ancient times. There is no sand here, just two stony coves, the second accessible from the first by way of a rough path along the rocks, or by swimming.

The peaceful coves attract visitors to their beauty, but less so than other beaches due to either having to arrive on foot or by boat, of which there are many who moore up to spend the day in the cove. These boats, I think, may also be the reason for the amount of rubbish in the water which is a shame. It is a bit sad when you are swimming in paradise like waters and someone’s plastic bottle or baby wipe floats past. Don’t let that put you off though, this is such a beautiful and unusual place to swim, snorkel, and soak up the sun on the rocks that you can soon forgive a few bits of plastic floating by.

The best place to enter the water seemed to be from the rocks where a boat track leads into the water. It isn’t particularly easy to get in and out though and there are many rocks and sea urchins, meaning you will want to be swimming straight away. The water is deep in the center of the coves. These points and the walk to the sea may make this amazing place not the best choice for young children or those with mobility issues. We did however see children who had made the journey, bobbing around the cove on various swimming aids and paddle boards. For strong swimmers, the coves are great for snorkelling!

There are no facilities at Cales Coves so it is advisable to take food and plenty of water with you when you visit.

Visiting the beach with an autistic child?

Beaches can be great sensory experiences for autistic children. This post is part of a series of about the different beaches in Menorca, designed to give you an idea of what to expect when visiting each beach. Hopefully from my descriptions you will be able to work out which beach would best suit your family. Don’t forget to take plenty of water and sunscreen!

Cales Coves, Menorca, a beautiful cove with ancient burial caves in the cliffs above
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