Cala Es Grau, Menorca

Cala es Grau in the national park of Menorca is an unspoilt yet popular beach to visit. You can drive to and park very nearby the beach in the small town of Es Grau. To get onto the beach you then need to cross the river mouth either by way of the wooden footbridge or by paddling through the water. The car parks get busy but after a while of driving round we found space to park.

The bay, with its long stretch of yellow sand and, when we visited, piles of seaweed, is backed by a natural protected dune area which you aren’t allowed to access from the beach. It is very pretty to look at though and it seemed you can take strolls through it to the lake behind and to find hidden coves on marked paths from the main road.

The sea was warm when we visited, almost bath like and lovely to swim in. It is very shallow for a long way out and this coupled with the bay being quite sheltered makes it perfect for children to play in the water.

Beware that as you get closer to rocks sticking out the water, there are hidden rocks under the water instead of the sand. If you want a sandy sea bed then the area in the middle of the beach is better, if you want to snorkel then the far left of the beach is rockier and spotting fish is easy. As well as schoels of smaller fish, we saw some huge fish. The area is also good for spotting large birds. You can clamber over the rocks or swim round to a small cove at the far left of the beach. This cove seemed to attract those that prefer not to be burdened with clothing!

The beach had toilet facilities including disabled toilets, a wooden wheelchair/pushchair friendly walkway to access the beach, lifeguards and Amphibious floating chairs and crutches available. There were kayaks to rent on the beach.

Nearby Es Grau, has restaurants and the car park had a bar for drinks! For a cheaper day out, pack a picnic and spend the day playing in the sea! Because the beach is so long, it doesn’t feel busy even with a lot of visitors.

Visiting the beach with an autistic child?

Beaches can be great sensory experiences for autistic children. This post is part of a series of about the different beaches in Menorca, designed to give you an idea of what to expect when visiting each beach. Hopefully from my descriptions you will be able to work out which beach would best suit your family. Always remember to go prepared with plently of water, snacks, sunscrean and hats!

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