Our evening in S’Algar, Menorca

Tonight we popped out to S’Algar in Menorca. My intention was to add it to my post about beaches on the island but we just so happened to pick the evening of a Spanish festival!
There was a BBQ and bar on the sea front and a large roped off area with plastic seating set up around it. We decided to wait and see what was going on and we weren’t disappointed.
It was a horse dressage show. Now I’m not a massive horse fan but this show impressed me. The horses were very clever and did fancy walks around the enclosure. Some of the horses seemed to be dancing and they were able to balance and even walk on their hind legs whilst being ridden!

After the horse show there was a live band and then DJ’s until a firework finale at 11.30. This was not how I had envisaged a quiet evening at the beach going but it was an interesting and unusual experience.

S’Algar itself wasn’t really a beach so much as a rocky area by the sea. There were large flat rock platforms that you could sunbathe on and jump off into the sea. These platforms had steps attached to help you get back out the sea.

Between the flat platforms were more jagged rocks with rock pools to explore. We saw loads of crabs in these pools and probably the largest crabs I have ever seen!

There were sunbeds to rent on one side of the rocks and public toilets on the other side. There were small shops and restaurants nearby and parking on the street very close by.

Even without the festival this is a good place to visit to swim in the sea and look for crabs.

Visiting the beach with an autistic child?

Beaches can be great sensory experiences for autistic children. This post is part of a series of about the different beaches in Menorca, designed to give you an idea of what to expect when visiting each beach. Hopefully from my descriptions you will be able to work out which beach would best suit your family.

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