Year Seven – complete!

Well that’s it! A whole year in a specialist secondary school and we couldn’t be happier!

My son came home today with a certificate for “Never having sanctions and being very polite”. He has managed a whole year of being good and polite at school!

A year ago this week, we were celebrating leaving behind a seven year nightmare in a school where he was seen as naughty, disruptive and rude. So what has changed? Nothing but the environment and the fact the staff understand his needs! My son has gone from a school environment that didnt meet his needs, a place where he was constantly stressed and his anxiety was through the roof to a school environment that truly meets his needs. I couldn’t be more pleased with the school he has been in this year. I have seen his self esteem grow, he has made real friends, he has had many new experiences, and he has not had one day where he hasnt wanted to go to school! He is happy there and understood and what more could I ask for!
He also brought home a trophey today for being “Best in Secondary” I am so proud of him for what he has achieved, so happy that his school have seen him for who he is and helped him so much. He is no longer that sad little boy crying himself to sleep and fighting not to go to school every morning, he is happy and confident and looking forward to September!
I am so pleased I never gave up fighting to get him into this school, it has certainly been worth the stress and many sleepless nights.

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  1. Ruth says:

    That’s fantastic! My son starts at a specialist Secondary in September after 7 years in mainstream …

    1. Autism Kids on Tour - Autism without limits says:

      Wow! I hope it goes as well for you! Its the best thing that’s happened for my son, he is just so much happier!

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