Cantina Mexican Restaurant, Prague, Czech Republic

We wanted to go somewhere nice to eat on our last evening in Prague. Everyone fancied fajitas so we decided on Mexican and went to Cantina.

The restaurant was fairly easy to find and a short walk from a tram stop. When we booked they warned us that they only take cash so we made sure to get enough. If anyone ever visits, there is an ATM in the hotel down the road from the restaurant.

We were seated straight away and staff were friendly. The restaurant was decorated in colourful Mexican style with sombreros and bright rugs hanging from the ceiling and painted walls. There were candles on the tables and a real Mexican feel to the place.

We knew what we were eating as we had chosen before we arrived using the online menu so we ordered quickly. All of us chose chicken fajitas. There was a lot of food and my children, who are used to eating adult meals from restaurants, struggled to finish. On reflection, they could possibly have shared a meal with extra wraps.

The fajitas came with a hot steaming skillet of vegetables and chicken, three flour tortillas, rice, refried beans, salsa, guacamole and cheese. They were very nice, however not particularly spicy and also not the best fajitas we have tried. The guacamole was good and we also tried some lime salsa which I much preferred to the ordinary salsa.

For drinks we had the homemade lemonade which came in a glass with grapefruit, lime and lemon pieces in it. It was very tangy and delicious.

We left, full and satisfied but with a tiny bit of “pudding space” for an ice cream from the ice cream parlour near by!

Taking an autistic child to Cantina?

The restaurant wasn’t too loud despite being quite busy.

The food was Mexican so obviously a bit spicy.

There was noticeably loud background music.

There was a candle on the table.

There was a lot to look at as the decor of the restaurant was bright, colourful and busy.

It was a family friendly restaurant with a need to sit at the table.

Cantina is located at ÚJEZD 38
118 00 PRAGUE – MALÁ STRANA and is open 11am until midnight. The menu is available on their website.

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