Prague Zoo, Czech Republic

On our last day in Prague we decided to go to the zoo. It was a Monday and this meant reduced entry for children at 50 CZK, which is around £1.85 each. Compared to the prices of zoos in the UK this was a bargain!

We spent five hours at the zoo and could have spent longer. We didn’t even manage to see everything in this time. Prague zoo is the best zoo we have ever been to and we have visited a lot of zoos!

The zoo itself is very well designed and landscaped. It is so obvious a lot of time and effort goes into maintaining the 110 exhibits and their hilly surroundings.
The animal enclosures are designed to reflect their natural habitats and the 58 hectares is divided into several areas, each reflecting a part of the world.
When looking round zoos I am always wary of how well animals are looked after and the impressions I had from Prague zoo were that the animals seemed well cared for and happy. Most the enclosures were larger than average and animals had different areas within their enclosures to roam to.

Maps were not free but cheap to purchase and available in different languages. It is necessary to buy a map as the zoo is so large with many paths.

For children Prague zoo is perfect. There are small play areas everywhere you go and a larger children’s section to the zoo with play equipment and even a splash pool for cooling off. Picnic areas are spread around the zoo and there are more than enough cafes and food stands too.

There is even a fun looking chair lift to take you to the top of the hill and a train that runs round the zoo, both for a small charge.

The inside areas of the zoo are well themed, especially the jungle area. Every part of the zoo has theming to explore as well as animals to find.

Our favourites of the day were the penguins that played with us and followed our hands, the amazing alligators and the playful elephants.

We ate in the Ocean cafe and were pleasantly surprised. The meals were large, delicious and extremely good value. I was expecting the kind of fast food I normally get at a zoo or theme park but I ended up with a fresh greek salad and seafood risotto at fast food prices!

We had a great day at Prague zoo. It is exceptionally good value and one of the largest and best zoos we have ever been to. If you have a day free in Prague I would definitely recommend visiting and if you have children I would put it at the top of your list.

Taking an autistic child to Prague Zoo?

Zoo’s are great for children that find animals calming.

The zoo required a lot of walking and lots of it was uphill, however there was a train, lots of places to stop and flat paths too.

The chair lift looked a little scary with one person per seat and a small chain for safety. We didn’t risk it.

There were toilets spread round the zoo.

There were cafes.

There was a lot of play equipment for children and picnic areas.

The splash pool looked great for children who like water.

The animal exhibits allowed us to see a lot of the animals close up.

With the zoo being so large, it never felt crowded. This may also be bacause we visited on a Monday.

We got an uber to Prague zoo from the old town. This cost me £1.57 on the way and £11 on the way back. There is also a regular bus from the zoo which links to the tram/train system. For those wishing for a different kind of adventure there is a boat from the center of Prague that will take you to the zoo and back.

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