We take everything we know about parenting and turn it on its head.

This video is inspired by an older post of mine called Backwards Parenting. I have certainly had to take everything I previously knew about parenting and turn it on its head when bringing up my kids. I expect many of my readers will have too!

The words from the video are:

We take everything we know about parenting and turn it on its head!

Instead of limiting screen time, some of us encourage it. If our children need a screen to escape or relax then a screen they shall have.

Instead of telling our PDAers what to do, we let them think they are in charge, they are less anxious this way.

Instead of surprises we do plans.

Instead of making sure our SPD children get a balanced diet, we make sure they eat.

Instead of subjecting our children to a day of stress, sometimes we keep them home and that’s ok.

We rejoice if they sleep at all, not if they are in bed by seven.

We don’t listen to everyone else!

When you tell us our child just needs discipline or deserves nothing we don’t listen to you.

When you look disapprovingly at their latest meltdown we turn away.

We don’t join in with the comparison conversations at playgroup or playground.

We dont compare our children to other peoples because we know all children are different and our children are special in their own way.
We do things our own way!

We don’t listen to the health visitor or the parenting books. We parent our own way, our childs way!

We Survive!

We live day to day.

We fight!

We fight battles we didn’t know existed and we don’t stop fighting.

Most of all we love and we love a lot. We give up our lives, our jobs and our dreams, for our children.

We love them unconditionally.

We rejoice in every achievement they make.

We get hurt, shouted at and broken but we are the parents of Autistic children, children with SPD, parents of ADHDers and the parents of PDAers and we never stop loving!

Two children jumping in the air with the words
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