Try to see the world the way I see.

A black and white photo of eyes

Try to see through my eyes and don’t get cross with me. Don’t think I’m difficult, stuck in my ways. See when I’m feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

See what I see, the people, the colours, the faces I can’t read. See the details, the unexplained changes and when there is too much for my eyes to see.

Try to hear through my ears, the ways I hear things. There are so many sounds that are hurting me. Hear the lights, the birds, the pens, the chairs, everything at once, so loud you see.

Understand I don’t know how to tell you if I am not ok. Try to watch and see my stress, I can’t always tell its there but there will be signs that you can see for me. Don’t expect me to know my feelings, that’s not an easy task. Don’t expect me to tell you my problems, I just can’t communicate that.

I might be able to read and add but my memory isn’t great, I might not remember what I’m meant to do.

See the world through my eyes, know how confusing it can be. Don’t make changes or change your mind without telling me. That surprise you think is nice, I would enjoy it more if I knew before. I would love to see pictures of where I am going before you take me so I know what to expect. Please tell me what is going to happen before it does.

Use my name when you talk to me, it helps me know not to ignore you. Understand that sometimes you wont get through, my brain is already full. Please don’t make me look you in the eye, its hard for me and won’t make me listen more.

Give me space to just be, when things get too much. Wait until later to talk things through so I can listen.

I re-live pain as if I was there, when I have flash backs know this. Don’t make me go through things again and again, it drains me emotionally.

Give me patience, understanding, help and love. Listen to my silent voice. Give me tools to help myself, to make it easier to get by and please, just be aware, and try to see the world the way I see.

A black and white photo of an eye with the words
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