The Lounges, UK: Comparing two visits to the same Lounge restaurant

The first time I visited a Lounge restaurant was a week ago. I had some rare child free time so I met a friend for breakfast.

We were really impressed with both the service and the food. In fact my friend even told the manager that it was the best breakfast they had ever eaten!

We had a full breakfast and an avocado breakfast. The full english breakfast was perfect that day, with everything cooked amazingly well, the food was hot and delicious.

The avocado breakfast was gorgeous too, it was essentially very filling bruschetta with avocado and tomato and came with a poached egg and a slice of lime. It was all fresh and extremely delicious, though I did have to make a mental note to myself for next time, not to squeeze lime on my egg!

To complement breakfast we had freshly squeezed orange juice.

Whilst enjoying this leisurely breakfast we played scrabble from one of the available games boxes and whiled away a couple of hours drinking perhaps the nicest hot chocolate I have ever tasted.

The breakfast was so good in fact, that this weekend I decided to take the kids! Expecting the same amazing experience I can only say I was slightly shocked at the difference a week can make!

I had promised the best hot chocolate in the world to the children and unfortunately it was lukewarm. It was however replaced free of charge.

This time I tried the breakfast burger. It was very nice except the hair in my cup of beans and the pork patty was a little burnt.

My friend had the same breakfast as last time and was unimpressed. The food was not as nice and the cup of beans seemed to have rather a lot of beans missing!

My son chose pancakes from the kids menu. This meal was average and I would say overpriced.

My daughter chose to have a chicken burger and that got the thumbs up so maybe we should have opted for lunch rather than breakfast!

We waited ages for our food and did not, on this occasion feel that it was worth the journey to get there or the money we paid for it. This is a shame considering how much we enjoyed it there the previous week.

I don’t know what the difference was, maybe staff, or busyness but I have ended up with mixed reviews and it does seem that it depends on when you visit as to how enjoyable your meal will be.

Taking an autistic child to a Lounges restaurant?

There was no background music.

The room is large and spacious with big windows.

The room is quite busy with a lot of pictures on the walls, brightly coloured tables and chairs and lamp shades hanging from the ceiling.

There are boxes of games and colouring books available from a table at the back of the room.

The restaurant is dog friendly.

We waited a long time for food on our second visit.

There are numerous Lounges restaurants throughout the UK.

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