Understanding and love makes all the difference to an Autistic child. Thank you to all the teachers that care!

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All the flowers in the world wouldn’t be enough to thank you!

There were two class Teaching Assistants that really helped my son when he was in primary school. One was in his class for years 3 and 5, and the other for years 4 and year 6. These are two lovely ladies that I can never thank enough for taking the time to care and understand my son because, they made the world of difference to us.

For my sons TA in year 3 and year 5.

Even before my son was diagnosed with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder, you were the one that I would hand him to as he screamed for me at the beginning of the day. You were the one that understood him and helped him to calm after I left him there. You were the one that sat with him when you could and helped him through his day. You were the one that listened to me and made me feel like I wasn’t mad and I wasn’t alone.

When my son was given a diagnosis, you were the one that went out and bought a book. You read up about Autism and then you shared it with me. You wanted to help, to do your best and I appreciated that so much.
You were the one that held his hand and spoke to him with understanding. You were the one that did the job of his one to one even though you were still the class TA.

You were the one that cared to love my son when I left him each day. The one that took the time to see him for the child he was. The one that understood and loved and made two years of school almost bearable for us. I will always be grateful to you and I am so pleased you were his class TA.

For my sons TA in year 4 and year 6

You were the only reason my son made it to school most days. You gave your all to make him feel ok. You were the one that knew when he needed help. You knew how to speak to him and make him laugh. You met him at the door each morning and helped him take the step to go in.

You bought him treats to cheer him up. You took him off on his own when trips got too much. You tried your best to help him when he needed it. You even went to work when you weren’t feeling great so he wouldn’t be alone.

You went above and beyond in all that you did for him, working your job as class TA in a difficult class, yet providing one to one support for a child that so desperately needed it. It wasn’t your job but you did it anyway.
I could not have got through those years without knowing you were there.

Most of all, every day, you were his friend and he needed that.

To all the Teachers and Teaching Assistants everywhere that take the time to see and understand. To all of you that care. Thank you so much! The love and understanding you give goes a long, long way!

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