Sunday Interviews: The first in a series of interviews with Autistic adults

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I have decided to do a series of interviews with Autistic adults because their voices and opinions are so important. Hopefully the interviews will raise some awareness and understanding, as well as give parents of children with Autism some insight from the answers.

I will not be editing the answers people give me as I feel it is important that the interviewees own views and feelings are shown. Every individual will have had a different experience.

The people interviewed have been extremely brave to do so and the answers are about their own lives and opinions.

The first person I have interviewed would like to remain anonymous. I would like to thank them for being so honest in their answers.

How old were you when you were diagnosed?

I was about four years old or a bit younger.

How did you find home life as a child?

I spent years in bed as a child. I was in my bedroom a lot alone.

How did you find school as a child?

School was too much for me, too much noise, a horror I did not understand. I was kept at home.

Did your parents do anything for you when you were younger, that you really appreciated?

My dad use to take me in the car in the countryside and sing to me when it was all too much.

Do you live independently now?

I am 44 but I still have a lot of help, my Doc my therapist my social worker that sorts out letters and paperwork. I also have a cook. My hobbies is making clothes but it is a struggle to get one thing finished. I think as the years go on its worse, as a child you get on with it and don’t realise how different you are. As you get older it’s very frustrating.

What challenges have you had to deal with as an adult living with Autism?

I am a grown women and this is a burden I wish would go away. The fits, the anxiety, the fact just feeling dumb, its horrible and thinking too much . Also that alone I couldn’t survive the mass in my head, is too much to the point I would rather be dead because its too much . I now have a good medication that does help. I get cannabis on prescription.(canabis is legally prescribed in the interviewee’s country)

What do you like about being Autistic?

I like nothing about it just glad it’s me and not someone else. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone..

Is there any advice that you would give a parent bringing up an autistic child today?

Please don’t scream and shout at your children or hit them because they are different as my mum did to me.

If you would like to be interviewed for a future Sunday interview post, I would love to hear from you, no matter what your opinion or experience. You can contact me for a list of questions at or via inbox to my Facebook page.

a picture of the sun over a lake and the text: Sunday Interviews: A series of interviews with Autistic adults, to raise awareness and understanding. Giving Autistic adults a voice as well as giving parents of autistic children some insight from the answers.
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