To my child with no voice in this world, I will be your voice.

To my child with no voice in this world, I will be your voice.

I will be your voice. I will stand up for you.

When no one else will, I will fight.

I will go to endless appointments and meetings, make endless phone calls.

I will give up work, go without sleep.

I will research, learn, become a lawyer, therapist, advocate, specialist. Anyone you need me to be.

I will contact MP’s, newspapers and everyone in between.

I will say the same things over and over again until they are heard.

I will know your rights and I will do anything to fight for you.

I will appeal every wrong decision made, I will go to court if I have to.

I will give up my life, my dreams, so you can have yours.

I will pick you up, hold you, hug you and love you through it all.

You will get the help you need. You will get the school that’s right for you or I will teach you myself.

Because I want to see you happy, not in pain. I want to see you safe. I want to see you thrive. I want to give you the chance you deserve.

Most of all because you’re my child and I love you.

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  1. Alice Letters to my Daughter says:

    What a fierce and determined mother you are! You are very inspiring!

    1. Autism Kids on Tour - Autism without limits says:

      Thank you!

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