Inflata Nation, an inflatable theme park in Trafford, UK

On Sunday night, we bounced off to Inflata Nation, an inflatable theme park!

We arrived half an hour before our session time, as requested on the booking email and filled in waiver forms which we exchanged for wrist bands. We were told to wait in a queue and watch the safety brief being played on screens around the room.

There were lockers to put valuables, coats and shoes in. These took a £1 coin.

We stood in the queue until just past our session start time and were then let loose on the bouncy castle.
Inflata Nation is described as an inflatable theme park and it is essentially one giant bouncy castle! There is a small area for under 4’s and a huge area for everyone else.

Food is available to buy in the cafe. Bottles of water are £1.35 for a normal sized bottle and £1 for a small one.

The larger part of the inflatable is for over 4’s and adults although, while we were there, it was mainly adults. I presume this was because it was 8.30 in the evening.

There is a large bouncy area in the middle and then lots of activities around the edges including a giant slide, a normal sized slide and an inflatable assault course with a smaller slide at the end.

There are also activities which are limited to two people at once including a wobbly platform where you try and knock your partner off and giant balls to bounce between. Helmets are provided for these activities.

There is a climbing wall made of the sort of steps you get on the slides and a giant ball pit filled with purple balls. It is an idea to note that while the ball pit covers a large area, it is very shallow and if jumping in you would need to be aware of that.

There were staff members around if you needed them, though it did seem at times that they were more intent on playing and throwing each other in the ball pit. I witnessed a lady hurt her ankle and there was no one around to help. It made me wonder what would happen if a child was injured when their parents weren’t with them.

The idea of Inflata Nation is great and it makes a change from the trampoline parks springing up everywhere. It cost quite a lot and with paying for drinks and possibly food, could add up.

Taking an autistic child to Inflata Nation?

There are autism friendly sessions on Saturday mornings without the usual loud music and busyness.

At normal sessions it can be quite crowded and the music is very loud.

The inflatable is large so it is worth paying for yourself to go on too, especially as the level of supervision by staff is quite low.

The locker area can get crowded. We avoided this by leaving a couple of minutes before the end of the session.

There is a car park right outside the door.

We were told to queue while we were waiting to get on the bouncy castle. The queue was quite crowded and actually comes out just round the corner by the cafe. Then you walk round to the entrance. So instead of queuing you could make sure you watch the safety video near the tills to relay safety information to your child and then wait in or near the cafe where it is quieter.

In order to go on the inflatable you need to wear a wrist band. The staff put it on for you.

Inflata Nation is located in Trafford, Manchester.

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