The Muossi Grilli, Saariselka, Finland

If anyone has been to Lapland then they will know, and for anyone who hasn’t, I will tell you, it is very expensive to eat out! We had a meal one night which cost me over €90 for 3 burgers, a small pizza and a kids meal!

Because of this we mostly cook our own food when we go but on our last trip we had a long time without accommodation on the last day so needed to buy meals.

We were going to be spending the afternoon at the Angry Birds Activity Park in the Holiday Club hotel. After a bit of research I found out that the buffet in the hotel was €30 per person so I decided our best bet might be the Muossi Grilli.

The Muossi Grilli is located just over the car park from the Holiday Club hotel in Saariselka, Finland.

The building is small but don’t let that put you off. Muossi Grilli is a Take away which serves burgers, kebabs and hot dogs, including reindeer burgers and hotdogs if you want to try them!

There are a few tables inside so you can eat in if you like. We decided to do this as it was pretty cold outside!

We tried a cheese burger, a chicken burger and a vegetarian burger as well as some fries. We also ordered a large bottle of Pepsi as the man serving us very helpfully pointed out that it would be cheaper than buying three small bottles.

We could see the burgers being prepared and watched as we hungrily waited. We didn’t have to wait long and we soon had a feast. The cheese burger got the thumbs up with its nice patty and fresh salad ingredients.

The chicken burger got an even bigger thumbs up! It was really nice with proper grilled chicken and fresh ingredients.

I had the vegetarian burger. It wasn’t a patty as such but it was delicious and a refreshing change to be eating vegetables in Lapland!

The portions of fries were large enough to share between two people and very nice.
The meal, whilst not cheap, was half the price I would have payed to eat out in most places locally and the food was good too!

Taking an Autistic child to the Muossi Grilli?

Because this is a take away, it is not crowded.

The food is quick.

It is acceptable to not be sitting at a table.

The portions of fries are large.

The room, although small, is well lit with natural light.

There is no loud music.

There is snow outside!

It is the closest to McDonalds that you will find in Saariselka!

The Muossi Grilli is located in the car park of The Holiday Club Hotel in Saariselka, Finland.

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