Angry Birds Activity Park, Saariselka, Finland

An Angry Birds Activity Park is not something that usually springs to mind when I think of the Arctic Circle, but in a tiny town, almost as far North as you can get, surrounded by snow laden trees, we found exactly that!

We had to check out of our accomodation at 12 midday and had a flight booked out of Ivalo airport at 22.25. I didn’t want to waste our last day but also didn’t want the children to get cold and wet in the snow so Angry Birds it was!

Due to their ages, I was not expecting the activity park to hold the children’s attention for very long, but I was wrong. The place was amazing for all ages!

There was the large play frame that you would expect to find in an indoor play center and one for smaller children. These were great and included climbing walls, slides and tunnels.

There was a football pitch with balls and a really fun ball cannon area where you could shoot balls at angry birds themed targets.

There was an assault course with various pieces of apparatus including climbing walls and a huge foam pit to balance over. The assault course ended with a long zip wire where you could pile up pig cushions to knock down as you flew into them. This assault course was great for older kids and adults.

There was also a games area with Xbox games and Kinect games as well as iPads to browse the internet.

Water was provided for free in the bar area just outside the activity park.
We spent a good few hours in the park. The kids enjoyed the assault course, football and firing balls and loved the games room. My daughter and I played dance central until I could dance no more and my son liked the driving game.

The room was very themed around Angry Birds and this was done well. It was also very spacious despite having so much to do and had springy carpeted floors.

There was an area by the door to leave shoes and ski suits. There were also free lockers for valuables although these were pretty small and my camera didn’t fit in them.

Taking a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder to the Angry Birds Activity Park, Saariselka?

We arrived just after midday and the park was practically empty. Other people did come in throughout the afternoon but it never felt very crowded.

The addition of screens and computer consoles is great for those that need to have a calmer break between playing.

There are slides, zip wires and even a trampoline.

The toilets are not in the room. You need to go through the shop, through the bar and into a restaurant to use the toilet.

The entrance has no door, however it comes out into a bar and not straight onto the street.

The Angry Birds Activity Park is located inside the Holiday Club hotel in Saariselka, Finland. There is no need to book in advance.

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