The BAPS Awards 2018

The BAPS Awards are specifically for SEND bloggers. The thinking behind them being that there aren’t enough blogging awards that recognise parents and carers of children with additional needs.

At the beginning of this week, I found out that Autism Kids On Tour has got through to the finals of the BAPS Awards.

I had been nominated in three categories, Newcomer, Practical Support for Families and Making a Difference. To be honest I was quite overwhelmed to have been in all three of these categories in the first round. I thought I stood little to no chance of getting any further in the Practical Support for Families and Making a Difference categories because I haven’t been blogging long and the lists were so much longer than the Newcomer category. As my blog is new I thought if I was going to go through to the next round then it would be as a Newcomer.

You can imagine my surprise when I found out that Autism Kids On Tour had got through to the finals in the category of Best Practical Support for Families! I was especially surprised because it is one of the only categories that allows networks or groups and I am just little old me who has been blogging away on my own for just over a year!

I am honoured though, as to me, being a finalist in the category Best Practical Support for Families is an amazing and humbling experience. Although it’s been slow to get my blog out there and to the people its aimed at, the aim has always been to give practical advice and to share my families experiences in order to help other parents with Autistic children.

I write reviews in which I try to be detailed about our experiences and I include any information I think would be relevant if you were taking a child with autism.

I also try to write helpful autism specific posts based both on my experiences with my own children and my professional experience caring for other children. I started doing this in order to help other parents of autistic children. So to me, being a finalist in this category means a lot.

I don’t expect to get any further. The other finalists in my category are established bloggers with large followings and their blogs are all very good in their own right.
The winners of the final round are based on the number of public votes each finalist gets and there are only so many I can find. However, I do get to attend a very exciting awards ceremony with posh food and, on a more serious note, I also get the knowledge that I am managing to do what I set out to achieve. This in itself is an award for me! So from me and the kids – Thank you!

If anyone does want to vote for Autism Kids On Tour, or to check out some of the other blogs in any of the categories then you can do so Here!
Online voting closes on 16th March.

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I have two kids and love to show them the world. We dont let autism limit us in our adventures! I write about our adventures and include tips on how suitable activities were for children with autism. I also write more autism specific posts.

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