5 reasons why the Arctic Circle is a brilliant holiday destination for children with ASD or SPD!

We have been to Lapland in northern Finland for the last two years and are about to return at the weekend for another week in the ice and snow.

A lot of people think I am crazy taking the kids to chill (literally) in down to -34 degrees every year, but quite honestly they love it and I think I have worked out why.

Here are five reasons why the arctic circle could be the perfect holiday destination for children with ASD and SPD:

1. The noise levels

Apart from the fact I can’t think of anywhere more peaceful, Lapland, in the winter is covered in snow. The thick blanket covering the world around you seems to cushion the noise. The sensory issue of sound is non existent.

2. ‎The scenery

The light is natural and this combined with the colourful pallet of pastel skies and white snow covering the ground, trees and lakes, makes for calming scenery that will not overstimulate.

3. ‎The snow

The benefits of sensory play are great and in the Arctic Circle you are surrounded by it! Think sensory play to the extreme, a world full of it! Not only can you touch the snow, pick it up and build with it, you can throw yourself in it, sledge on it and carry around chunks of ice to your heart’s content.

4. ‎The animals

It sounds strange that I am mentioning animals in the Arctic Circle. I don’t mean polar bears but the animal related activities are endless. From huskie rides to reindeer and horse sleighs, there are plenty to choose from.

5. ‎The lack of people

It goes without saying that this is a particularly uncrowded part of the world! You can obviously go on the more populated tourist trips to Lapland but if you book separately, you not only get the benefit of it being a quarter of the price, but you can also book smaller local trips where you will be alone with your guide.

If I haven’t quite sold it to you yet then there is also the quiet part of the day where you snuggle up inside drinking warm berry juice, whilst looking through the window at the snow falling outside. Oh, and the snow sparkling like glitter at night!

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